Cuteepets Dog Training Collar, 100% Rainproof Rechargeable Electronic Remote Dog Shock Collar 330 Yards with Beep/Vibrating/Shock Electric E-Collar

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  • ✪3 training modes: dog shock collar with 0-100 levels of customization for static stimulation & vibration, and a standard Tone (beep) mode which will give an audible warning, which makes it to have a stimulation that works for your dog.
  • ✪Range and adjustable modes- with its advanced technology, the e-collar gives a long range of up to 330 yards (990 ft.). its LCD display has a blue backlight design for the day and night. The remote control with 0- 100 levels of customization for the static shock and vibration to be able to find the right correction for your pets’ size and discipline. The tone/ beep option can be used for an audible warning.
  • ✪Waterproof & rechargeable receiver: 100% waterproof Dog Collar receivers; rechargeable transmitter and receiver can be charged at the same time, so your equipment is always ready to train.
  • ✪Multi-function: can be used to help correct barking, aggression, behavioral obedience, walking, leash training, sitting, and more.
  • ✪100% Satisfaction: Pectate offers a 1 YEAR ! Also a customer service email response within 24 hours on all Pectate products.

Cuteepets Dog Training Collar, 100% Rainproof Rechargeable Electronic Remote Dog Shock Collar 330 Yards with Beep/Vibrating/Shock Electric E-Collar

Cuteepets Dog Training Collar, 100% Rainproof Rechargeable Electronic Remote Dog Shock Collar 330 Yards with Beep/Vibrating/Shock Electric E-Collar

Cuteepets Dog Training Collar, 100% Rainproof Rechargeable Electronic Remote Dog Shock Collar 330 Yards with Beep/Vibrating/Shock Electric E-Collar

Cuteepets Dog Training Collar, 100% Rainproof Rechargeable Electronic Remote Dog Shock Collar 330 Yards with Beep/Vibrating/Shock Electric E-Collar

Cuteepets Dog Training Collar, 100% Rainproof Rechargeable Electronic Remote Dog Shock Collar 330 Yards with Beep/Vibrating/Shock Electric E-Collar

Cuteepets Dog Training Collar, 100% Rainproof Rechargeable Electronic Remote Dog Shock Collar 330 Yards with Beep/Vibrating/Shock Electric E-Collar

Cuteepets Dog Training Collar, 100% Rainproof Rechargeable Electronic Remote Dog Shock Collar 330 Yards with Beep/Vibrating/Shock Electric E-Collar



  1. (verified owner)

    Nice bags and strong. Glad you included a holder I can put on the leash. Received them within 2 days on my Prime account. As an animal rescuer I always try to support companies that support our shelters. My sweet girl is a pure breed 2 year old Pomeranian that I rescued April 2014. Once I got her into my arms, she leaped into my heart. Thank you for reaching out to our local shelter. As a reminder I would like to add, Shelters can alway use volunteers to walk their dogs and play with them and socialize them. Remember the cats and kittens love attention too.

  2. (verified owner)

    This is THE treat pouch to get. When you’re going out to take your dog on a walk or training session the last thing you want is to be fumbling with ten different things–potty bag, dog toy, keys, etc. this bag is all I need to take my dog out for big adventure or just stroll down the street. It’s has so many functions and the potty bag dispenser is genius!!! I often go out with running shorts which don’t have pockets but the zipper pouch included too holds my keys and credit card.Pay a little extra for a quality product that was obvious crafted by caring people who know the dog training experience.It can also be worn two different ways as it comes with a belt and shoulder strap. I like to wear the belt and I added a carabiner to the strap so I can connect my lease when I need two hands to train.This product is brilliant and is really a steal for what you’re getting!

  3. (verified owner)

    The Vaun Duffy dog treat training bag is by far the best I’ve tried! It is the perfect size without being too bulky, even with treats and toys inside. The waist bag dispenser is an added plus. The description of this product is spot on. I will be recommending this product to my family and friends!

  4. (verified owner)

    I just got this pouch and it’s awesome. It’s much sturdier and comfortable to wear than any other pouch we’ve tried. I ordered a few different ones including some pouches by other brands that had a ton of great reviews. But this one was by far the best quality and I’m sending back the others.It is PERFECT as a treat pouch BUT it can also be used for other reasons. I am using it to carry my dog’s muzzle and water instead of treats sometimes. I actually love it so much I just emailed them to see if they would create a custom pouch for us in a slightly bigger size so we can use it for other purposes. 🙂

  5. (verified owner)

    I absolutely love this bag. It is not bulky and cumbersome, but it still has plenty of room for what you need. The different straps make it easy to use in any situation, and the top opening where I keep my puppies treats closes with a draw string and holds in place very well. I would highly recommend this product for anyone who likes to play outside or go on walks with their dog! It was shipped and arrived right on time and packaged well!I also love that the seller emailed me just to make sure everything got to me and looked okay. Over all I was very happy with the results!

  6. (verified owner)

    I LOVE this pouch! I also bought the treat rewards pouch, but prefer this one better. The treat bag is even better than the description. The quality of the belt is virtually indestructible with normal use, and the nylon canvas is very tough and I can’t see anything penetrating it. It is water resistant as well. This thing is heavy duty and I believe I will never have to buy another again. The belt can be adjusted for a heavier person,or it can be worn over your neck or across the shoulder, or clipped on your pocket or waist. I love the fact that it is so compact and not bulky! The mesh pocket on the front stretches to hold a tennis ball, or you can stuff it with whistle, clicker, toys, etc. The front zippered pocket will hold my husbands iPhone 6, but it is tight, and sticks out about a half inch or so, which means it could never fall out, but he wears his own cell phone pouch for that on the other side. You can put your keys, money, whatever in this approximately four inches wide by five inches deep pocket; I would liken it to the front pocket of your jeans pocket, but tighter. There is a secret zippered pocket in the back which is about three inches by almost six inches where you can put poop bags because there’s a little bag dispenser to pull them out through. Ida doesn’t do her business in public, so we put our Clift health bars in there,lip balm, etc. The treat pouch is lime green in color so you can see your treats easily, and is quite deep so you can hold a couple of cups of treats, but we take less than a cup of treats when we go. There’s a drawstring for the pouch and although it doesn’t close completely, if you don’t overfill it ridiculously, they will NOT fall out when you are running because the pouch is too deep for that! (Maybe if you are bungy jumping you may lose them, lol) The clips and buckle are strong and the whole thing is extremely well made. You can add a carabiner to the belt if you have other things you wish to clip on. I love this thing so much that I carry it as a replacement for a purse sometimes, and we use it as an ammo bag as well. My husband has a small gun that fits in the treat pouch part as well. Very versatile. I haven’t washed it, but you can wipe out the treat pouch, and I’m thinking you could wash this on gentle in the washing machine and air dry but I will wash in sink and set it out to dry. I don’t work for or even know anyone from this company, and I’ve never written a lengthy review before, but this thing just rocks!

  7. (verified owner)

    First Impression: high quality materials and a solid construction. Unfortunately it STINKS! I’m hoping the overwhelming chemical smell fades quickly because I wouldn’t want to wear this, let alone put treats my dogs will eat in it. Also, the ‘phone’ pocket is VERY small. My iPhone 5s with a slim case just fits but sticks out — so no zipping the pocket closed.UPDATE: the odor is gone 🙂 the bag has been working out great. Unfortunately, the drawstring clasp broke. I notified the company and they have already sent a replacement. A+ customer service!

  8. (verified owner)

    This bag is amazing! I did a lot of looking around for training treat bags as I had recently adopted a one year old dog and he still needed to learn basic obedience. This bag is a great price and comes with a lot of different features including a pocket for poop bags, a mesh pocket, and a zipper pocket (that just fits my phone). My favorite part of this bag is the waist strap, because I can easily have treats on me and still have both of my hands free to hold a leash or a brush, etc. This bag is sturdy and one of my favorite purchases for my pup so far!

  9. (verified owner)

    I love how this training bag can be worn several different ways and the additional pockets are great for keeping your phone and your keys. It is made with very durable materials and I have no doubt that it will last a long time. The one thing that I would like though is I wish it is washable, especially since some treats I use are stinky. Considering how well made it is, I’m sure that it can withstand washing, but it does say in the packaging to spot clean only.I am no professional trainer. I just use this when walking my 2 dogs daily and rewarding good behavior. I think I will love it even more if it can also hold (used) poop bags, but I am not complaining since it is not advertised as that.

  10. (verified owner)

    This thing is so nice for taking the pups to the park. It holds a roll of poop bags, treats, and any other things I may need. The front zipper pocket is on the smaller side though, so my phone doesn’t fit but that’s okay. It comes with several methods of wearing it: a clip for belts/pants, an over the shoulder strap, or a belt, which is very nice since depending on the weather you might need one over the other depending on what you are wearing. All the straps are adjustable as well. Stitching seems good, I feel like it will last just fine.

  11. (verified owner)

    I LOVE this little bag! My dog is certified as an ESA (emotional service animal) so this is great for his training and to reward good behavior in public. It has easy access and there is a place to put poop bags, which have saved me more than once! Totally recommend this for anyone who is training your dog or even just taking them on a walk or to the park. It is comfortable and adjustable!

  12. (verified owner)

    (4.5 stars)Okay, so would I have preferred the cute orange bag from another seller? Only the color. This bag is much more aligned with my needs. Too many bags only offer and belt clip and/or a belt. Some didn’t have room for a ball. The less I have to carry, the better. My hand slips in and out easily so no contorting of the fingers and wrist to get treats out.I have a similar pouch bag that only has a velcro loop (which has lost much of its velcro power) to secure around belt loops and it has a belt clip which has a tendency to wiggle loose after a few minutes of activity. Neither works when I have my running pants on and the dog is going with me. Plus, when her ball would get slobbery, I had to put it back in the pouch with her treats. Ick. For that reason, I LOVE the mesh pocket on the front. Any grass or dirt stuck to the ball, eventually dries and falls out of the mesh, and none of it mixes with her treats.My favorite thing about this bag is the shoulder strap. I can make it long enough to cross my body so that I don’t have to worry about it falling off my shoulder and bonking my dog in the face (some reward that would be). And it really is long enough. The pouch hangs at about hip level (not up under my armpit–lol) when I have it cross body. If I’m wearing jeans or jean shorts, I can also use the belt clip on my my front pocket for additional stability (however, I don’t rely on this 100%–many times, from constant bending, running, etc, it comes unhooked). I also like that I can add a carabiner clip to the D-rings for keys, poo bags, hooking to my belt loop, whatever strikes my fancy. Yes, it has a poop bag dispenser but between it and the ball in the mesh pocket pushing in on the fabric, it pinches off easy access to the treats that are on the bottom. Perhaps just putting one or two loose bags would work, but why bother when I can just clip the poop bag dispenser on the D-rings.The front zip pocket is a bonus. I haven’t really come up with a designated use for me, but it will very likely be the perfect place for my phone when wearing running clothes with no pockets. Otherwise, it’s in my back pocket. I have an iPhone 6s and it does fit securely, but about an inch sticks out (I do have a case on it). This is where I get into the main reason for docking half a star. If the ball is in the mesh (and the ball isn’t just a toy, but the one thing that can get her attention when she’s focused on things she shouldn’t be), putting the phone in the zipper pocket is a struggle requiring both hands. I have no idea how they’d get around this issue. More mesh fabric to allow a less snug fit would also allow the ball to fall out. If I put the phone in first, then the ball, it’s easier–I just hope I don’t have to take the phone out during the run/walk (and realistically–I usually don’t). I’ll be interested to see how long the mesh pocket lasts. Love it.I don’t know that there’s a perfect solution to the storage issues, but from all the bags I researched, this one met the bulk of my needs (except it’s not orange–lol). Oh, I will add that the bag does not cinch all the way closed, as others have mentioned. However, this simply hasn’t isn’t an issue for me. I only cinch it closed when I’m putting it away and it’s tight enough that all the treats aren’t going to gush out if it falls out of the cupboard.

  13. (verified owner)

    I bought this mostly for my wife as she is conducting more of the training. She was using a small leather fanny pack that would just hold the treats. When I gave her this bag she liked all the features as listed. However, when she used just the belt hook she said it flopped around to much. She like walking the dog I suggested that she use the belt set up and see how that works. The belt set up worked out better for her. In addition to the belt and hook set up, there is over the shoulder across the chest. So there is three different ways to carry the bag. If I was to make an improvement, I would add another belt hook to stabilize the bag more. Quality construction, great features, hold enough treats and poop bags.

  14. (verified owner)

    This is a great treat bag! I like that it has a spot for poo bags. Very convenient to have those and treats in one place. I use the little mesh pouch for either my mints or keys (depending on where we go) and the zippered pocket is great for my phone. I used to put regular dog treats in the main pouch but my dog figured out how to stick his nose in there to try to steal a treat (when I sat down). Now I put hot dog bits in a plastic bag inside the main treat pouch (closed when I sit down).

  15. (verified owner)

    I emailed directly back and forth with Gary, the owner. He was very responsive to my suggestions of a more colorful bag. Besides my comment on color I have no complaints over this treat holder. It is definitely large enough for all of my stuff (phone, keys, chap stick) in addition to a wide variety of treats (including a baby food jar) and our training clicker. The waste bag dispenser is awesome, too. I love having multiple ways to carry the bag. I use the waist strap on a regular basis for short training walks. For longer walks where treats may be essential to keep my 1 year old Boxer calm around other dogs I like to wear it as a cross body bag (hiking mostly). It is stylish enough that I don’t look like a goober, but as I noted earlier some bright colors would be awesome- maybe a nice darker orange or a grassy green color? Also, this would be a super duper addition, but if there were some sort of zipper pull light on the small pocket zipper that would be awesome…you know, for night time waste pick ups. I’ve added my own for the time being!

  16. (verified owner)

    Ball pouch is a bit too small, but I love it for the treats and the ability to have poop bags on hand in ano the of its pockets. I run my fanny pack belt thru the rings on its backside to avoid having too many belts around my waist and can easily hook a leash up to one of the pouch’s rings to keep my service dog close by when I need my hands to be free.

  17. (verified owner)

    So he packaging (as a gift) is nice and the small mice etc have been of interest to our cat but the wand and elastic string are way too short. It ends up laying on the floor and the cat sometimes plays with it as well. The bigger wandswith long string and feather are far more enjoyable for interactive play nice home crafty feel but the cat likes other toys more

  18. (verified owner)

    I like the cat wand and the bouncy mouse. My cat loves them ! ! ! Angel, my 17 year old kitty doesn’t play with much these days as he has arthritis and medication for epilepsy. But he loves and plays with the cat wand deluxe. I can move it slowly and he has a great time. I shared 3 of the other toys with a neighbor of mine who has 3 cats. They are enjoying them also.

  19. (verified owner)

    There’s some great features on this bag – the mesh pocket for a ball, bag dispenser and D rings are nice (though I’d rather have a clip than a D-Ring). But, the bag fell apart in less than four months of dialy use. These bags get used heavily, but that’s pretty quick.Since I moved on I like the bags with a hinge, but I’m missing the bag dispenser and a place to keep a ball.Still looking for that perfect bag. Le sigh

  20. (verified owner)

    I have used these doggie waste bags before, so when I was running out, I reordered them. They aren’t fancy — just plain black plastic. However, they are a perfect size for small AND large dogs. Although they are not scented, they are able to keep the waste odor INSIDE the bag, so when the bag is tied off, there is no discernable smell. It also comes with a small, neon green container which holds one roll of these bags, and permits one bag at a time to be pulled off the roll. I would definitely recommend these bags to others.

  21. (verified owner)

    This training bag is made very nicely. The big pouch part of it is plenty big enough to carry more treats than I would ever need in one session and it has a drawstring closure that secures the treats in there very nicely so that I don’t have to worry about spilling treats all over if I’m running or if I have to set the pouch down somewhere (it also keeps curious noses out 🙂 There is a little baggie dispenser on the backside of the pouch but I’ve only used it one time before I got a dispenser to clip onto the leash. I did like the convenience of being able to stuff my own baggies in there and not necessarily having to buy the rolls of bags, however I don’t take the pouch out with me every time we go out but I do always have the leash so, for me, it made more sense to choose the leash dispenser over the pouch. The zipper pouch I typically use to carry my phone and I usually toss my keys and a training clicker in the mesh pouch. I have used the front mesh pocket for a tennis ball but it just barley fit in there and was awkward so if I plan on taking a tennis ball out I just put it in the large pouch on top of the treats. Overall this product is made well and it has been very useful in the aid of training my puppy, I would recommend this to other dog owners.

  22. (verified owner)

    I adore this little baggy, it’s portable, handy and great for my rescue who’s gone through some extensive training since being adopted. This bag was crucial for those treats I hand to almost constantly carry around.My only complaint is that the mouth/opening can be a tight fit when trying to quickly reach into a plastic baggy full of treats (I hate for crumbs to get into the baggy itself). Other than that this bag has lasted longer than I had anticipated.

  23. (verified owner)

    My little boy Chester loves these! I hung the mouse elastic string from a rod so that it dangles and he goes crazy! He also loves the jingle stuff and the biting on the paper strings…. Not sure how long they should last, but my little Chester is pretty rough… so I’m already getting him a second box just in case. Also reason for giving it 4 stars instead of 5 since two of the toys already started falling apart- but as I said- Chester is super rough…. He has only been playing with them for a couple of days. I don’t mind buying him good quality toys though- I feel much better about his safety, and I definitely enjoy him getting the exercise he needs. I love seeing him run, jump, and even pounce at these things. I’ll see if I can add a video. As for the box- yeah- I guess it is nice-honestly mine ended in recycling bin. I have a plastic drawer that is specific for his toys though.

  24. (verified owner)

    After review of several products, and beating the decision up for several weeks, I chose this particular treat bag. Specifically liked the three modes of attaching the bag to me. Summer wear the belt clip is great. Shoulder strap and the waist strap together for ultimate security while running with young German Shepherd. The bag is very well made with quality construction Pull cord treat bag secures contents after use. Treat bag extends above main bag and allows easy one hand access. After use, the treat bag top can be pushed back down inside the main grey bag. Small compartment for a few poop bags with pull through dispenser at bottom rear. I can stuff tiny shaker bottle, attach clicker, iPh6 in zipper pocket, ID’s etc. There are larger bags available but this size is ideal for my purpose. Wife was impressed with the bag so much I suspect she will have to have one for her use. I can see I will have to guard mine. This little bag has potential for a number of other uses other than just a dedicated treat bag.

  25. (verified owner)

    This is a nicely designed and sturdy little bag which is perfect for my walks with our young mutt… who needs a lot of training. This allows me to have hands free while bringing along treats, my phone, and keys. It comes with two different straps so you can wear it around your waist or as a cross-body shoulder bag. It also has a clip if you want to clip it to your belt. I think we will be using this for a long time. Lots of nice little details for the price. My only criticism is about the zippered pouch in the front – it’s pretty small. My iPhone 6s barely fits in there – definitely can’t zip it, and if you have a larger cell phone, it won’t be useful to you. That’s only relevant if you wanted to put your phone in there though. Happy with my order.

  26. (verified owner)

    A versatile pack with good construction. I would have liked a larger clip attachment to accommodate a wider belt. It is a bit of a struggle to get it secure on an 1.5″ belt. Also the belt loops are a tad small and are made to work with the provided clip belt. I’m not a fan of the zipper pulls, as they clank around. It sounds like the jingle of another dog’s collar and was very distracting to my pup. I quickly replaced them with para cord ties and it doesn’t make a sound. Overall though it does the job and holds a good amount of treats. The poop bag dispenser is really a great touch, and the front mesh pouch will hold a tennis ball or one of your dogs favorite toys. The front zipper pouch is narrow, but will fit you smart phone (iPhone for me) or your house keys. I would recommend this bag to anyone who is looking for a quality training treat bag that doesn’t look like something that petco threw up.

  27. (verified owner)

    This bag would be great if it had a clip option. I love the contrasting colors, but the bag inside often gets smushed down and in the way when trying to access treats, and is hard to close. You have to be kind of careful to not spill treats unless you close the bag all the way, which is kind of a hassle. Magnetic closures seem to be more efficient.

  28. (verified owner)

    This bag keeps the treats in and the dog’s snout out! Not cumbersome. Not gaudy. Great material for rinsing the bag out. Love the poop bag opener at the back. Small pockets sufficient for my car keys, DL, bit of cash, and our required clicker. Have been very glad to refer this company when the other dog owners inquire about this product at Dog Training 101.

  29. (verified owner)

    These cat toys are not worth the money. They are glued together with hot glue which is squishing out everywhere. Two of them are already starting to fall apart a little, and I haven’t even given them to the cat yet. “The Natural Pet Company” is also selling these exact same toys. I ordered both in hopes the other would be better. They are obviously from the same factory/same company. They contacted me after buying it for a positive review. When I told them I was not happy with the quality, they never respond. I hate companies like that. These are presented nicely in a box, and that’s where the quality ends.

  30. (verified owner)

    Love this bag! I work at an animal shelter and have this on me at all times. I don’t actually use it for treats, as I feel like it’s hard to stick my hand deep into it to get treats from the bottom. I comfortably fit my phone, a notebook, pens and my radio on me at all times. I can usually fit a few sticks of string cheese too (which we use as a tool for dogs). Best part about this bag, though, is the built-in compartment for poop bags!

  31. (verified owner)

    This is remarkably compact considering all it does. Perfect for going for a walk or training, because in addition to the treat bag there’s room for a cell phone (mine is an iPhone 5), house keys, toy, and those little bags for cleaning up waste dispensed neatly like Kleenex out the back. (I was impressed that a little roll of bags even came with it) It seems well made, and definitely convenient. I didn’t experiment with the multiple ways that you can carry this; the waist strap worked fine for me.

  32. (verified owner)

    This is a very nice and well-made dog treat bag! It’s compact yet capacious. I like the size of this bag, because I am a miniature woman, and I don’t appreciate anything heavy and large dangling annoyingly from my waist. I volunteer at Humane Society dog shelter and have this cute bag on me at all times. I comfortably fit my phone (IPhone 5), a pair of nitrile gloves, a Sharpie marker, keys, pack of wet hand wipes and treats, of course. There’s not much room for the toys though, and tennis ball doesn’t fit into the mesh pocket when the bag is full of treats and there is a phone in the adjacent pocket. But small toys and balls with fit perfectly well. The built-in compartment for poop bags is awesome! I like to have them handy. What else can I say? I am happy with this purchase!

  33. (verified owner)

    I haven’t had this long, but my first impression is that this is a great treat bag! I love that it has the separate pocket for the poop bags so it doesn’t take up space in the main pocket. The main pocket has plenty of room for treats and the drawstring on mine closes completely, unlike some other reviews I’ve read. The “cellphone” pocket will be used for something else (maybe business cards) since I have a Nexus 6P and it doesn’t fit. I am starting a dog walking and dog sitting business so I will soon be using this every day. I’ll update my review later with my findings.

  34. (verified owner)

    This treat bag is awesome! It is very sturdy and the pouch size is perfect to hold enough treats for two dogs who need lots of positive reinforcement on walks! The best thing about this pouch is that it comes with three options to attach it to your body. The belt/pocket clip, the waist strap, and the shoulder strap. I lost my old clip on treat pouch after it fell off – so I replaced it with this one. The shoulder strap means I know I am not going to lose it and makes it much easier to wear, regardless of the clothes you are wearing! With the poop bag dispenser on the back and the pocket that can hold a clicker, all I need is contained in one place.

  35. (verified owner)

    I am pleased with the quality and function of this pouch. I will say that I’ve only owned this dog training pouch, so I cannot compare with other brands. I chose this company because of the quality double dog leash that I purchased from them a month or so ago. I’m glad I went with vaun duffy for this product. Overall, the pouch is very sturdy and the stitching is well done….it does not appear to be cheaply made in any regard. The pockets are large enough to fit the necessary dog training materials, while the whole bag is quite compact (I don’t feel ridiculous wearing it out in public). Will continue to choose vaun duffy products over competitors.

  36. (verified owner)

    I was asked to review this product immediately even though I have not had a chance to use them. But they look like they will be fine for the purpose I have planned for them. I’m building a cat tree out of wire spools (large) and I plan to hang these toys at different places on the tree. I’m sure the cats will love. Will post more after I finish the tree.Update: I’ve finished my cat tree. My only disappointment to date is that I thought all the toys could be hooked to the hanging stick, ring, etc. You know how the cat will wear one toy down and then it is time to replace it…. Nope, the other toys are just toys the cat can swat around the room. I’ve got the stick and the ring hanging from the cat tree I made. I will finish it soon and post a picture.

  37. (verified owner)

    Durable design, and I love the two interior compartments, plus the exterior zippered and mesh compartments and the compartment for dispensing doggy bags. However, even my relatively small hands have difficulty reaching down into the bag to retrieve treats, even if the drawstring cover at the top of the pouch was open. In the process of doing so, I tended to pull the bag off my belt or pants waist if I was using the clip. The clip (a plastic thing) could be made to grip more securely. If the bag were slightly shallower, it might be easier to retrieve treats. I can only imagine a person with large hands would really have difficulty.

  38. (verified owner)

    I really like this bag. It holds quite a few treats. I keep them inside a plastic bag inside the main pouch to avoid needing to clean it too often. Poop bags on the back side is super helpful. I like all it’s options, shoulder strap, clip and belt. I prefer the belt personally but again; all good. Seems pretty durable too. I will say the green sinch area does get in the way when your treats start to get low, but even then it’s not bad. Just a tall-ish bag.

  39. (verified owner)

    My cat unfortunately didn’t like any of the toys or mice….except the burlap-type mouse without any feathers…..he wanted that one in the worst way & would bite & chew on it & hung on so tight the elastic string pulled right off the wooden stick within half an hour….my cat is picky about toys, but might be fine with other cats i think….i just won’t buy again while i still have my current cat

  40. (verified owner)

    I am never quite satisfied with treat bags for one reason or another they wind up not working for me and I find myself going in the pants or jacket pocket with the rewards. This bag is nice. Its very heavily constructed and seems of very nice quality. It has a lot of features and seems well thought out in design. Honestly I’m a bare bones kind of guy when it comes to equipment but I will be using this bag quite a lot. I wish it were just a little bigger in the opening. I have pretty large hands and it can be tight especially if you are moving but its not such that its a deal breaker for me. Cant beat it for the money and its tough.

  41. (verified owner)

    Bought a pink one for myself & a green one to gift. Big enough to hold plenty of bait for class without being cumbersome. Drawstring closure to keep nosy whippet from self-serving between rounds. Lining pulls out to wash without having to wash entire bag. The included roll of bags was a nice touch! Yes, carrying an entire roll of bags does reduce the space available for bait, but I use treat bags for training & classes, not long walks. A couple pick-up bags in that pocket aren’t even noticeable in the bait section. If I wanted to lug an iphone SE w/OtterBox around while working my dogs, it fits into the front pocket with the zipper left open. I am very pleased & expect this bag to hold up well.

  42. (verified owner)

    I love this. I bought a few cat things last week because my 5 month old kitten was driving me crazy running in circles around the house. She had lost her little rattle balls so running in circles was her new favorite hobby. This set is fantastic! My cat loves it all! They are tough too because my cat will grab them in her mouth on her back and then kick it with her back feet using her nails. Even after doing that they still look new. So no complaints. Very happy.

  43. (verified owner)

    I have 4 cats, and they LOVE these. The assortment gives them plenty of variety to keep the curious, and the bell really gets them going. The string is elastic, which really gives the toy a more natural, playful movement that the cats seem to love. The feather tails also seem to really spark the curiosity, as they won’t stop staring at them whenever I take them out! Flinging this through the air like a bird drives them nuts!

  44. (verified owner)

     I have extremely active Bengal cats and these toys are a huge hit! My girls haven’t stopped licking and playing with them since we opened the package. My grandson just loves tossing these cute toys around and watching the girls go nuts. Extremely great value and the packaging was surprisingly adorable.

  45. (verified owner)

    Super cute cat toy! And the price was right. The package did come with the corner of the box a little crushed, but everything was intact inside. It wasn’t a gift so it didn’t matter to me at all. The shipping was also faster than everything else I ordered that day!

  46. (verified owner)

    The set has a really nice variety of sturdy, colorful twine wrapped toys, so a lot of playtime for the cat who loves this type.My cats do play with them, knocking them about, but mine not so much as favorites & don’t carry them around to be with. When they do play, their interest seems somewhat short. I’m not sure if it’s because these are hard (theirs are actually all soft) or there isn’t a noisemaker inside or no scent (at least none I could detect)Since cats are all so different in their toy faves, these might really be wonderful long term toys for your cat!

  47. (verified owner)

    This is an assortment of cat toys, however it relies too much on parts that could be ripped off and eaten by a cat, leaving the toys not very interesting quickly. If you’ve got a mellow cat who doesn’t have much of a hunter instinct, perhaps this would work better for you.

  48. (verified owner)

    At first I didn’t like this. After I figured out what to put where I now love it. I live in the AZ desert area and walk a golf course which has been closed for a while. I have to bring a comb to pull off jumping chollas, tweezers for cactus needles, pepper spray to ward off javelinas and coyotes, duty bags for you-know-what and of course the treats. This bag works perfectly.

  49. (verified owner)

    I use this every day with my dog. I found it to be a good smaller size. Many of the other pouches are too big.This can carry two bag rolls, a clicker, small flashlight, treats and more. Rather than use the clip or strap, I use a carabineer on a belt loop.

  50. (verified owner)

    This thing did not work for my furbabie he just didn’t care lol I tried the vibration on him… didn’t want to do the shock side

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