Dog Training Collars with Remote – Shock Collar for 2 Dogs, Small, Medium, Large, Rechargeable 100% Waterproof E-Collar with 3 Training Correction Modes, Shock, Vibration, Beep, 1000 ft Range

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  • 🐶Train dogs like a Pro – the Petrainer multi dog training collar with remote is the most effective behavior correction technology available with 3 safe effective training modes to fit your dog’s needs! Between the 0-100 levels of vibration, shock, and standard Tone, You can rest assure that your pet can be trained!
  • 🐶Enjoy time with your dog without worry or anxiety! – educate your dog with confidence by applying adjustable attention-grabbing: Tone & vibrating stimulation for moderate misbehavior or safe static mode for stubborn pets!
  • 🐶Rechargeable waterproof Remote – With the ability to charge your transmitter and receiver simultaneously, you are to easily train your pet in the rain or sunshine with a range up to 330 yards!
  • 🐶Adjustable for all size dogs – Our training collar is adjustable ranging from 14-25 inches. We that it will fit your small, Medium, or Large size pet! Petrainer e-collar nylon strap helps protect your dog’s sensitive skin.
  • 🐶Customer satisfaction – click “buy IT now” then register your device to receive free extended 3 year ! Contact our US based customer service team (phone/email) 5 days a week! Reach us at for all trouble shooting issues.

Dog Training Collars with Remote - Shock Collar for 2 Dogs, Small, Medium, Large, Rechargeable 100% Waterproof E-Collar with 3 Training Correction Modes, Shock, Vibration, Beep, 1000 ft Range

Dog Training Collars with Remote - Shock Collar for 2 Dogs, Small, Medium, Large, Rechargeable 100% Waterproof E-Collar with 3 Training Correction Modes, Shock, Vibration, Beep, 1000 ft Range

Dog Training Collars with Remote - Shock Collar for 2 Dogs, Small, Medium, Large, Rechargeable 100% Waterproof E-Collar with 3 Training Correction Modes, Shock, Vibration, Beep, 1000 ft Range

Dog Training Collars with Remote - Shock Collar for 2 Dogs, Small, Medium, Large, Rechargeable 100% Waterproof E-Collar with 3 Training Correction Modes, Shock, Vibration, Beep, 1000 ft Range

Dog Training Collars with Remote - Shock Collar for 2 Dogs, Small, Medium, Large, Rechargeable 100% Waterproof E-Collar with 3 Training Correction Modes, Shock, Vibration, Beep, 1000 ft Range

Dog Training Collars with Remote - Shock Collar for 2 Dogs, Small, Medium, Large, Rechargeable 100% Waterproof E-Collar with 3 Training Correction Modes, Shock, Vibration, Beep, 1000 ft Range


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  1. (verified owner)

    Teaching our dogs to stay on our property after being able to run has been sooo stressful. We had to hook them out and they went getting attention, plus worring they would get loose or escape made it no fun to have dogs. We got these and other my word!!!!! Life for us and our dogs is improving drastically. We let one dog loose at a time for the first day and the second day I took two of our dogs for a walk around the property so they would know there limits. In the week we’ve been using the collar one dog stays home without much encourment, only a beep if he wants to eat the neighbor dog who is a antagonist. The other is sneaky and tries to run off but the range on the remote has him back pretty quickly. We start by calling our dog by name and if they don’t come a beep, call agian and if no response a vibration and use the shock as a last resort. Each dog has responded differently. One dog responds best to sound and the other to the vibration. Now our dog can be loose and play with the family, they are happy and so are we. Update*8 month laterSo About a month after my review the collars stoped working and we have a new set of issues. One dog seams to have retained his training and stays home so long as hes not alone. The worst is our youngest dog. The collar literally had 0 affect on him. No matter how we used it he seams imperviouse to it. So needless to say Im still tieing hom up and having to chase him like a idiot when he gets loose. Even with regukar exercise hes notty boy. At a loss and dossapointed the collars took a poop . Have contacted customer sevice regarding warranty. Will update with results.*** within 3 days of contacting customer care and telling them what happened they are replacing all the collars we bought no addituonal questions asked! I am VERRRY impressed!!!! 5 stars for customer service!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. (verified owner)

    I have owned 4 of these Petrainer collars. Maybe not all from this company, but in the past we have gone through several of them. I received this very quickly and was very happy that they came. We just got a new puppy and need to have him under control when we are outside. We live on a large orchard and our next door neighbors have animals as well. Our collar lets us have the dogs outside and remind them to stay away from rushing the side fence. First pros: I love the idea that both dogs are on one remote. It’s pretty simple to control and the buttons are marked. Only problem is that I keep forgetting which dog is what number, so I put a sticker on it with their name so I can remember. Second, I love that the antenna is covered. The previous versions have the little simple metal antenna and they always break off. The distance on this is a lot farther too. Although I am not sure it works the full 330 yards that is advertised. I love that it has many different levels for each dog on the settings. The instructions are not that great, which I find is part of the territory with these. Cons: there is only one charger for these!!! That means you have to charge each item by itself so sometimes it takes me a day or 2 to have all 3 items charged. Seems ridiculous. At the very least, sell extra charges so you can charge multiple items. Or maybe a 3 way charging cord. Also, my puppy is not that big and the collar is huge on him. I had to take the collar in and secure it so it would fit him. Unless it’s touching the dog it doesn’t work.All in all it’s a pretty good collar for the money. Just need to find an extra charger so it doesn’t take as long to charge.

  3. (verified owner)

    This was my last resort for getting my 1-year-old lab/blue heeler pups to listen to me. They would get so locked in on something like a bird, cow, or car… and I couldn’t snap them out of it until they were done chasing whatever they were after. I tried daily training with 50-foot-long leashes and flags, whistles, clickers, and all the techniques imaginable from watching Youtube videos and Cesar Milan; I still couldn’t snap them out of it once they got away from me.I bought these because there were two of them, and also the price couldn’t be beat. The fact that everything is rechargable (no batteries) is a major plus. I wasn’t expecting the battery life to be good; but I still haven’t had them die on me, and I’ve used them every day, and on weekends for 8-12 hours at a time. I charge them at night when I’m not using them; but still; never been inconvenienced by the battery life. We’re taking them camping for three days with no electricity to charge the collars this weekend, so I will have to remember to come back and put an update on how long they lasted.Needless to say, I am so happy with how much using these have completely changed my dogs for the better. The first time I used them, I was so happy I felt like crying; after working with them for a year for several hours every day with almost no improvement… and all of a sudden, they start listening to me, almost perfectly. As a plus, they listen to everyone else too; even though I’ve been the only one working with them with the collars. That’s how I know they have truly learned.I want to be very clear on how I use them; because I feel like that has played a huge role in how my dogs respond to using the collars: The idea in my mind isn’t to punish them with a shock; it’s to snap them out of it. They start running, they get close to the point where I don’t want them to go past, I call them back to me; and if they come back–no shock, and lots of loves and treats. If they don’t come back when I call them, I shock them when they reach the “no-go” zone. Yes, they jump a little, and one of my pups yips. But I tried it on myself before I tried it on them… it’s a good little jolt, and it’s certainly unpleasant, but it is the only thing that snaps their little brains off of the thing they are chasing. It needs to be unpleasant, otherwise they won’t get the point. I use the vibrate function when they are just wandering around and they do something they shouldn’t; like get too close to a car coming up the driveway or start digging in the grass. They stop immediately. Right now, I haven’t found a use for the beep function, but that’s no big deal. Maybe it would be a good way to find them if I can’t see them… but honestly, they don’t really ever get to that point now.I got these less than a month ago, and I’m already to the point where I haven’t had to shock them for several days… and I’ve probably only actually shocked them 10 times between the two of them. I feel completely comfortable having them off leash now, and that’s a godsend. And they associate the collars with going outside to run; so they get excited when I hold them up and put them on.In case anyone is wondering, not knowing what to set theirs at… As an example, my pups are about 45 lbs a piece and are normal-sized for a healthy young lab. I have the shock function set at 80 for both of them. I keep the vibrate on 100.

  4. (verified owner)

    **EDIT (7/27/16) I received a very nice call from i-Tronics yesterday to let me know that they were concerned about my bad experience with their collars. I explained to the gentleman on the phone that I thought that the collars worked fine… just that there are a couple design elements that could make them better. He insisted on sending out (free of charge) a brand new set of collars that have a different design that might be better for me. Hopefully the new collars will be easier to work with. I would like to say… this is what customer service is all about. I did not contact them for a replacement…. they contact me!!! I have updated my review to 4 stars.. if nothing else… the customer service from this company is phenomenal. Once the new collars arrive… I will post an honest review of them. Thank you i-TronicsThe charge port is underneath the collar so every time you have to charge it you practically have to remove the unit from the collar itself… Could have been positioned in a better place… also you have to press the 1/2 button to choose between collars and the display is very hard to tell which collar you’re actually activating. It would be nice if it beeped at you to tell you when the battery is low otherwise there’s no real way of knowing

  5. (verified owner)

    Our dog keeps pulling, jerks up when seeing rabbit, won’t calm down, I built a no pull leash, helped 20% or less, after purchasing this, whole thing changed, thanks to shock, viberate options, we started with vibration, she stopped pulling but stayed at the leash, come closer to us, when we get to rabbit area, viberate not help, switch to shock, sure enough, she stopped. Then next time, she wants to go, just looked not go rush out to get it. Solved her behaviour not paying attention to us. Great training tool. Started using this to make other dog to come and sit with encouragement. Programming together or separate is easy IF YOU READ THE DIRECTION. LOL it’s not bad, we tested the distance of these unit, wow, reached half a mile. With no obstructions in the way. I certainly recommend this unit. Life is uncertain but used this 3-4 days so for without recharging. One review said, burns dogs skin, HEY!! That dog is wet and water is good conductor what picture shows. Don’t shock a dog if wet.just do at LOWER SETTING if needed. I like this unit with options with setting up to 100 level.

  6. (verified owner)

    I never wanted to use a “shock” collar on my fur kids, I was doing my research and all the collars I looked into were so much money! All the pet stores start at around $100 and UP for just 1 collar. I needed something to keep my 3 pitties from jumping and barking. My pups are all around 80 pounds and love company, but they also love to jump up and bark… I wanted to keep them down from jumping i mean they think they are all 5 pound puppies, very goofy!! The collars got here in 2 days, just in time for a summer family gathering. Lots of people can cause too much excitement and nervousness for any dog. Let me tell you, 2 collars and a remote for this price, what a great deal!! We tried the collars on the 2 that needed them starting out with the BEEP, after that you give your command for them not to jump or bark, whatever your woking on… but they have to be doing that in order for you to use it and reprimand them. This is NOT a toy, it’s a GREAT training tool if used the right way. My female heard the beep and that was enough for her to know she was doing something wrong, until the next day when she jumped up, she got the BEEP and when she jumped after that she got JUST A BUZZ… (( NOT A SHOCK )) And that BUZZ of vibration was a enough to send her running.. My male figured it out the same way, neither of them liked the buzzer. BEFORE you try the vibration or the shock… TEST THEM BOTH on your hand at ALL powers, they go from 0-100 and if your dogs are sensitive the vibration is enough. But please don’t think right off the bat you need the shock, You have to work with your dogs and this collar by sound first. Which is beep, give your command and then gradually work in to the vibration with your command to stop whatever it is you want to break the habit of. If you think the buzz does’t work then you gradually work your way up, BUT please don’t shock just for shocking, your dogs do feel no matter what anyone says. No matter what the breed or size. It is so important to work in steps and we are so happy we got these collars because they DO work and now all our dogs have to do is see the remote and they know! And when they see the remote and hear the command they want to behave because they don’t want a buzz. Then there is the 3rd step where they see the remote, and you press SOUND and they stop or walk away right away. A little training and patience goes a long way. I have reccomened this to a few friends already for their fur kids because it is that good of a training tool at a very reasonable price..FOR TWO!!!

  7. (verified owner)

    I have never written an Amazon review before, but I rely on them for ever purchase I make on Amazon (which is a lot). I wish I had read a review like this one when I was purchasing this collar.I want to start out by saying that I never though I would buy an electronic collar for a dog. We have two dogs (male 13 month old golden retriever/labrador that’s 98lbs, and a female 9 month old german shepherd/german shorthair pointer mix that’s 54 lbs). Our pups are so loved and spoiled that we are actually buying a king sized bed just so they can sleep with us. That being said, we would never do anything to damage them and I have found this collar to be a very respectful and a helpful tool to train them with. I bought this product a little less than a month ago and we have been utterly amazed at the success we have had. I feel much closer to our pups now that I can trust them so much more. Our golden/lab mix is very independent and smart. I weigh about as much as he does, and before we got the collars, he would pull on his leash so hard that he would either drag me on the ground or I would be forced to let go of the leash and he would take off. We have tried harnesses and gentle leaders, but he is smart enough to know how to give himself enough leverage to pull me down. He would always come back (eventually), but he does not really understand roads and cars, so we were terrified he was going to get hit. Since we got the collars, I only need to give him a verbal phase “no pulling” and he immediately heels! I only had to use the vibrate option (on 20 out of 100 – but he has a sensitive temperament). We have also been working on going potty outside off leash. I never thought I would be able to trust him off leash, but he is like a new dog! I feel like with the use of the collar, he now respects me as his owner and knows I’m the one in charge.When we first received the collars, I had them wear them during the day time for a week before we even programmed them. I did this so they would not become “collar-smart.” I would recommend this technique to anyone thinking about implementing an electronic collar. Then we took them to our local dog park when no one else was there, and practiced. We started with a phrase they knew: first a verbal cue, then the beep, then the vibrate if they needed it. They learned so quickly, it was amazing! I have only ever used the shock once (setting 40 out of 100) on my german shepherd/gsp mix because she is less sensitive than her brother. I have them always wear the collar during the day, but I only use them when the pups are not responding to my verbal cues.I give Petrainer five stars because the technology is more than what I paid for, but I give this particular collar only three stars because the transmitter falls off easily. We have already lost one transmitter at our dog park, so I decided to buy another model that does not seem like it can fall off. I would suggest this to anyone with large dogs or dogs that like to wrestle. If your dog does not like to play with other dogs, then this would probably be a well designed collar for you. But for us, we need a more sturdy design.Hope this helps!

  8. (verified owner)

    My German shepherd can’t even feel the shock, even when I’m standing three feet away. The vibrate works very well on her, she’s smart and just seeing the remote in my hand now makes her stop and behave. It’s not effective at all with the bigger issues she has, like jumping and fighting with my neighbor’s dog through the fence. So I’m going to have to return it, unfortunately. Also, the directions are very cryptic. It doesn’t even say what all comes in the box.. like the two packs of different sized contact points. I haven’t used the other one yet, it’s for my boxer but he got seriously injured (from – you guessed it- jumping on that fence, and then stepping on the broken board that had nails sticking out) and I feel bad having it on him right now, even in the vibrate mode. —EDIT—The company contacted me after I began the return process, and after helpful troubleshooting but still no results, they immediately sent me an upgrade free of charge. Great customer service. I really appreciate that they care about the customers.

  9. (verified owner)

    These work great but it is confusing having one remote control 2 dogs. Aldo you get ONE charger to charge 2 collars and a remote. Each have to be charged separately. It’s a total pain. I’m terrified I’m going to correct the wrong dog. We have 8 dogs. 5 large & 3 small. Oddly enough the largest dog is immediately corrected with one beep noise and the smallest most obnoxious barker has gone all the way to 25 shocked. He’s a stubborn little jerk. Who we love but we don’t love when he starts yapping and gets everyone else to bark.WARNING- the collars come on the highest shock level so be sure and turn it all the way down. I shocked myself on the highest level and it was pretty uncomfortable.Also, these are great if you have the remote but I’m ordering the bark collars without remotes for the smaller dogs that bark the most. There’s no way in the middle of the night to get up, find the remote and correct the barking.

  10. (verified owner)

    The charge doesn’t last very long even though the collars are not being used. I haven’t kept track but it seems like they don’t last a week in which they are not used. Finding the charging port and plugging in is a pain since you have to unplug the hole which is poorly identified and is under the strap. Plus there is only one charger and you usually need to charge both collars. The controller does not maintain separate level settings between the 2 collars. I wish the sound correction was louder. I really like that these are rechargeable instead of needing to purchase new batteries. I like having all the different modes of correction. I think I would look a little longer to find something a bit better and pay a bit more. That being said these are useful and work pretty well.That being said the company responded to my review and sent me collars that correct all my complaints. I’m very impressed.

  11. (verified owner)

    We love our new dog trainers! Previously we had an invisible fence which deterred the dogs leaving the yard but batteries lost their charge frequently. We live on 9 acres and sometimes like to let dogs run outside of the yard. With this new system I can watch and bring the dogs back with only a tone. The dogs were previously trained to tone, vibration and eventual shock if they went through the invisible fence so now the tone alone changes their behavior. I love that I can choose to use the least amount of correction and not have to shock them. The system can travel with us and it cost much less than an electric fence but you do have to be present to use it, unlike the fence. Also, 2 dogs are controlled from one receiver and all components are rechargeable. We are very happy with this product. PS: The new collars do not shock when the dogs cross the invisible fence but the dogs don’t know that. They still respect that boundary.

  12. (verified owner)

    This is exactly what I have needed for a while now. I have two minature schnauzers who go into barking fits and will not stop for minutes. I put a collar on each dog and waited. The next time they started barking I simply had the collars beep. That got their attention but didn’t stop them for long. When they started back I had the collars vibrate instead of beeping. That stopped the barking. Each time they start I simply tell them strongly to hush then I vibrate the collars. Two days later they no longer dart to the door several times a day to bark at nothing. So far my problem is mostly solved and I haven’t had to use the shock feature at all.The collars are well made and easy to charge. The remote controller clips nicely to my pocket so it will be ready when I need it.I am very pleased with this product. The price was very good, it’s easy to operate (detailed instructions are included) and it actually works. I recommend it to anyone who has the problem I had.

  13. (verified owner)

    Only had this collar a short while but it works great. My Golden Retriever puppy was barking a lot and playing hard with our Shih tzu at times. We wanted to try to control the behavior we didnt like. we love this remote as it can be put on vibrate,sound or shock. we mainly use it on vibrate but have used shock on a lower level. Both work to stop the behavior. My puppy will usually just walk away when he gets the vibration. I ordered 2 collars as the price wasnt much more. great quality, Its rechargeable and hold a charge for a long time. I take it on walks with us as a training tool if needed when he starts to pull on leash too much. We had to adjust the prongs on the collar to the longer ones as his fur is thicker and the shorter prongs couldnt reach through his fur but both sizes come with the collar. Cant go wrong with this item

  14. (verified owner)

    We don’t need to use these that often, but we still have a dog that is obsessed with fishing lures. Someone told us to try this years ago and it definitely was the answer. We had one that lasted several years, but it wore out and after trying to go without one, which did ok for a couple of years. Then we tried a couple ones that were far more expensive than this one and returning them. We didn’t like the collars and/or the operation was more complicated, we reluctantly gave this one a shot with little hopes that it would work simply because of the price. The reviews were good, so we gave it a try and it works great so far and operates very simply and we really appreciate that. Didn’t really need the second receiver, but for the price why not, nice to have a backup.

  15. (verified owner)

    I’m just getting started with my training collars on my personal dog, but I bought these after using one with a petsitting client of mine. I was so impressed with how well the dog responded and that it had varying levels of control. The dog’s owner (my petsitting client) showed me how to use it and then out the dog went. A DEER was on the property and started to run. I just KNEW I’d be running after the dog, but no. One beep of the collar and he came back. That made me decide to buy it. With beep, vibrate and shock modes, it can be tailored to meet the training needs of any dog. I try to avoid shock, so I liked this feature. I am using mine on 2 of my personal dogs and they’re little but can fit into this. Perhaps the best thing so far is how much the company was reaching out to me to be sure it shipped and arrived, to see if I had any questions and to offer training information. I was very impressed with the level of customer service without me even having to contact them. Inexpensive for the quality you get too. 🙂

  16. (verified owner)

    So far so good with our new training collars. We have 2 Cane Corso’s, 1 barker & the other a fence jumper. Started out on vibrate setting, but when they are over excited we had to move to the shock correction set @ 45 & now 65 seems to be the number. Mind you they are both over 100lbs & solid muscle. I tested the shock setting on my hand & it’s not bad. Enough to get there attention to listen to a sit/stay etc command or jumping @ our fence etc. You can select to correct each one seperately but you have to look @ the remote screen to be sure you are correcting the right collar. The indicating number is a bit small, but readable even in sun light. If there was separate buttons for “#1 or #2” button to press to correct that collar, that would be quicker & easier without having to check the remote screen & switch it to the other collar, quick correction is key. Its good to be able to correct the one who’s not listening. The training collars do work very well & our boy that was the fence jumper now comes to my side upon command when there’s something outside the fence. Our barking boy has shown improvement, but he’s also protecting his family as well. Would definetly recommend. Would have given 5 stars if remote had separate correction button for each collar. Thanks.

  17. (verified owner)

    Okay so I really did my research before I purchased these collars. I was completely against all shock collars when I got my dogs but circumstances forced me to purchase the petsafe wireless fencing system for my two very very stubborn and rambunctious mini Australian Shepards (no money for a fence at a new place, felt bad not trying to let them have the freedom to be their crazy wonderful selves). It took a month of training but now they love the freedom they have and I love keeping them safely in their boundaries. With this in mind, I figured these collars might work brilliantly to correct some behaviors that I desperately needed to correct to have some peace in the house. We got a cat a little before my pups were a year old and I had hoped they would all get along with time seeing as the cat was used to many dogs in it’s previous home and my pups were young. I was very very wrong in that assumption. My cat is also unfortunately a declawed rug hugger so he literally has no effective defense (2 inch long legs and no claws is a bad combo). Letting them get acclimated was not working. So I ordered these collars in desperation, thinking my dogs already know the deal with the collars and therefore they’d be a very effective tool, no shock required. OH MY GODNESS I WAS RIGHT AND I’M SO FREAKING HAPPY ABOUT IT!!!!! I finally have peace. It’s now August, and we got the cat in March. I’m so grateful that I actually sprung for these collars and highly recommend them for people with exceptionally stubborn dogs who maybe don’t quite respect you as alpha and really just want to play with the cat so so bad even though the cat’s not up for it. I’m going to try to work on some other behaviors but for now I’m already a very satisfied customer. I wish I had gotten these sooner.

  18. (verified owner)

    This is a good buy. It would have been better if you didn’t have to change modes. (i.e. separate buttons for each mode.) First off let me start off with the email that I received from the company. It was awesome. It explained everything and even went in to how to properly use with your dog. I ironically I had done everything you have to do with your dog prior to using a shock collar. (If your looking to buy a shock collar just to zap your dog every time it does something bad then just get rid of your dog.) These devices are meant to hone the commands your pup already knows. You need to work with your dog and this will reiterate what your dog already knows. My results have been only having to shock my fur baby 6 times prior to this post. Now we only use the vibrate function and the beeping function and our dog responds.Shock settings: 100-90 is high enough to make my medium size dog yelp. 89-78 zaps him out of whatever he is doing wrong. 75-60 just annoys him and he’ll continue doing what he is doing after a quick wince. [never went lower than 60]Vibrate settings: This is pretty much irrelevant. I keep it set at 60-50. Because it is used to just say, “hey! stop that, or you’ll get shocked” I figured any higher will just run the battery down.Beep settings: non-adjustable [just use to call for him. some use as positive reinforcement.]Distance: ummmmm, never really tried to max it out, but it works great for a 2000sqf home in suburbia.(also, I never buzz/zap him if he is: next to me, outside in his dog house or inside in his kennel. this lets him know he has safe places where he can run to. Basically, any where I want him to go)***if you are just looking to break your dog from chewing, digging, or other bad habits by zapping them. All any shock collar will achieve, is a broken spirited dog, or a broken angry/mean dog that will probably bite.***You have to work with them, and be an active part of your dog’s life for these devices to be affective.

  19. (verified owner)

    After spending a lot of time here reading many of the reviews, I finally decided to bite the bullet and purchase for my two dogs. I was very reluctant to make this purchase, because I didn’t think it would work for my two. But first, let me paint the picture here. I have two standard long-haired dachshunds. My two felt their main purpose in life is to let the entire neighborhood know that they are the king of the world. They would stampede and run from one side of the yard to the other barking and barking uncontrollably. I did everything to try to get them to be quiet. Clickers, Rewards, ultasonic. NO~thing worked. Exhasperated, a friend told me about this. Spent a lot of time researching and finally bought two for my dogs. I have never even used the shock mode feature. Only on vibrate and they DONT LIKE it one bit..enough that my ex yappers no longer bark when they run outside. At this point is all I have is to do now is pull out the collars for them to see it. I ask them if they want me to put the collars on and they know exactly what I’m saying. We use it at 85 out of 100 on vibrate only…it’s so worth it and the battery life is amazing too. I put the collars on when people come over to visit. The only thing is having to use one remote for both collars …otherwise, Highly recommended A+

  20. (verified owner)

    It worked great for the 3 months before the warranty expired. It is a great way to train my dogs. I bought 2 – 1 for my english bulldog who is about 70 lbs and 6 years old and one for my 10 month old french bulldog. After using them on and off for 3 months the ends that hold the collar in place broke off on both of them, first on the English bulldog one and later on the french bulldog one. Now they still work but can’t be attached to the collars so they are useless. At first I wonder why they only have a 90 day warranty, now I understand. They only expect them to last 90 days.

  21. (verified owner)

    At first i was apprehensive about purchasing these dog collars. My yappy little dogs had resisted all previous forms of attempted training, including automatic shock collars set to go off whenever they barked. But these have proven to be the most effective form of training yet. I use the sound option to warn them, then the vibrate function to reinforce the warning. If that doesn’t deter the barking then i go onto the shock option. After having those collars for several days now i can honestly say the barking has been cut down by 95%. It’s a miracle!The only con so far has been they have to be charged basically every other night, which is fine as they don’t require batteries and came with the charger. I had hoped for a longer battery life though.All in all i am very pleased with the product and would recommend it to anyone else needing to redirect dog behaviors.

  22. (verified owner)

    I have two head strong puppies that were out of control. One Shiba Inu and one GSD. My Shiba likes to take off out the front door and tour the neighborhood while I chase him and he completely ignores me. My GSD likes to bark at everything real and imaginary in my back yard when I let her out at night. There has been a remarkable change in behavior since I got these. The shock has only been used in extreme circumstance…Shiba trying to run in front of a school bus, sort of thing. The beep setting is usually more than enough to corral the attempt to run out the door or to keep barking. I am very happy with this purchase. The only issue I have are the little rubber covers for the prongs came off and disappeared never to be seen again.

  23. (verified owner)

    I have two HUGE dogs: a great dane and cane corso. I am an advocate of proper, consistent training, I have switched from using a prong collar to this collar, as I go from Manhattan sidewalks to country hiking with the equivalent of two baby horses.I don’t have to worry about my “kids” taking off, as long as my remote and receivers are charged. They can go for long runs, jaunts in my woods, with only a beep bringing them right back to my side.I’ve also relied on this while strangers were working in my home. The two dogs, naturally feed off of each other. My dane is particularly protective, doesn’t like strangers in the house, and has been very aggressive when one particular contractor came to work. I never have to yell, use force. I just beep her collar and she calms down.I highly love this product and don’t know if I will ever use a different method for training, especially my rescues.

  24. (verified owner)

    I purchased this for my two Great Dane’s, I wanted to Love this so much but it just didn’t work out for us. One remote for two different collars is hard to work with. We returned the collars because the shock, vibrate, and noise options didn’t make my dog’s budge, they carried on like nothing was happening. The collars worked because I accidently shocked myself on the max setting (hit the wrong button by accident, was not enjoyable at all), but it just didn’t affect my dogs for some reason. The collar straps would also get a little loose on them at times, even after I tightened them a lot.

  25. (verified owner)

    I have 3 puppies that I call my kids. One of them is a new addition to my family and he is a hard headed Pit Bull. I am working with my kids to learn to walk with me around my neighborhood. I am disabled due to back and neck issues which makes my life precarious at times and having 3 puppies pulling me around my neighborhood when walking them is just not practical or safe ! So I have been actively using these collars on my Pit Bull and my Beagle when walking them. My Beagle is already familiar with a training collar , but the Pit Bull is now becoming VERY familiar with what it does. I can testify that my Pit Bull is much more obedient and desirous to do as I want him to do. There are a lot of stray cats in my neighborhood so it has been VERY helpful to me !!! Having 3 puppies , A Jack Russell , a Beagle , and a Pit Bull , and trying to control them when walking , then all of the sudden you have 2 or 3 stray cats show up, I can tell you that it can become quite DIFFICULT keeping the kids in line ! My Pit Bull is now walking with all of us and it is becoming quite pleasant to walk with them and I am also benefitting from the exercise. I would suggest using this product because it is very easy to set up and use in my daily life and the results are very beneficial. GOD BLESS EVERYONE !!!

  26. (verified owner)

    Let me just start by saying the 3 Stars is not for the quality of the product .Okay that said , I had been debating for awhile on trying these out . I have a male dog who is head strong and 6 acres of woods to wander into . I was actually amazed how fast he learned to stop and turn and come back to us . My other 60 pound bundle of joy thinks she is a lap , bed , or jump into your arms kinda dog . The collar has started putting that to a stop , and I haven’t had to shock but once .Okay why 3 Stars tone could be louder , light flash brighter ( black dog , dark night I can barely see the tiny red light flashing ) especially if it shifts to the opposite side of where I’m standing . But these are issues I am willing to deal with .My biggest issue the units don’t stay on the collars !! We have one unit twice now , luckily found on the ground next day . But now another unit has come off and we have spent 2 hours looking , listening for it no luck !!!If you have playful , energetic dogs be careful the units do not stay on the collarsUpdate – the seller immediately got back to me to help to mend the problem . They sent me new units and upgraded collars which are by far better , the units actually stay on the collars 🙂 . My only issue is you can’t charge both units at the same time and the location of the power button is on the side and the dogs have a tendency to knock against something and turn them off . But I still give them a high praise , I love the fact that I can turn them off and save battery life at night .

  27. (verified owner)

    These have been a real life saver for us. We have two dogs, one with the most shrill, obnoxious bark ever. We moved recently and they were both having some trouble adjusting, barking at neighbors through the fence or out windows, and generally being a nuisance. Other tools we tried had little to no effectiveness and we were getting pretty sick of it as well as hearing ourselves yell all the time. Our little dog has responded perfectly. She rarely barks at all anymore and the beep or vibrate function on the collar is enough of a reminder for her to stop immediately. Our bigger dog is much more territorial and sometimes requires the actual shock in order to get it but it is so much better here. We are having lawn care professionals over today and I am anxious to see how it goes.My only complaint would be that they need to be charged pretty often, both the collars and the remote. The charger cord only has two connections. It would be much more convenient if all three could charge at once. In the scheme of things this is a tiny inconvenience for an otherwise great product.An aside, one of the collars broke at the clip shortly after we got them. The company shipped us a replacement collar at no charge and we have had no further issues. Very pleased with their customer service!

  28. (verified owner)

    This is an improved product. The charger can charge BOTH receivers at once.I have Great Danes, the webbing is too short for their neck size.The beep, to remind the dog to heel off leash works for my guys. I’ve not had to use the shock…the vibrate is sufficient. Something I put both receivers on one dog, so they “get a real reminder” BEEP! BUZZ! Two at once, buzzing, gets their attention, but isn’t necessary… They get it.This is a good product. It took my patience to learn to use, and practice to implement the Beep and Buzz. This is a good tool, but requires multiple sessions to learn, and apply.I refer to this as an E-Collar.I don’t use the shock option, but just the Beep and Buzz. I would like to disable the shock all together… maybe I’ll just turn it all the way down. V

  29. (verified owner)

    This is not for a smaller dog with a neck for less than 15 inches. The actual collar is not the one pictured, there is not a D-ring as shown, nor any ring for that matter. I could not get the excess collar to tuck under the tabs of the sides of the receiver, thus the excess hung loose — this just might be me, I’m not 100% sure. It paired up nicely and I could not get the text light device to light up. The directions say to refer to the diagram but gives no further information. The directions don’t state nor show how to attach the collar to the dog: Where does the contact points go on the dog? Bottom or side of the neck? It did give a lot of information about preventing injury to ones dog, which was a best thing stated in the directions, but sadly it was too large for my small dog. Big dog it might work if I could have gotten the two thickness of the collar under the receiver tabs. I tried the static shock on the side of my neck and started at level 50. It was very much like a TENS unit if it was turned up a bit too high. No biggie, it didn’t hurt but rather jolted me. Turned it down to 40 and didn’t feel much at all. So I was thinking the 100 levels might be a bit of an overdo in how it really works. Sad this didn’t work for my needs.

  30. (verified owner)

    After the mixed reviews on these collars, I was hesitant to purchase them. However, there was a bit more positive than negative reviews, so I decided to give them a try. I received them yesterday (6/5/18) and less than 24 hours the remote broke. The vibrate mode was stuck on while my dog was wearing the collar (thank goodness it was not on shock!!) after pushing the mode button several times, I finally got it to stop but now the remote will not do anything. It is fully charged, so I know the battery isn’t the problem. I have reset the remote and it’s still not working. Besides the issues with the remote, everything else seems to be of good quality. Directions for setting up were clear and set up was easy.**UPDATE**After finally getting the remote to work and not having any issues for about a month, one of the collars malfunctioned when it was on the shock setting and would not turn off. It was “shocking” until the battery finally died despite everything my husband did to stop it. If I could give these collars a zero star rating, I would. Complete waste of money.

  31. (verified owner)

    I have an Alaskan malamute mix who is a powerful puller (worse than my previous husky and malamute). Pulling is something I could never stop my pups from doing no matter what. I tried the stop and go, the turn around , going in circles, etc. I literally turned in circles until I was dizzy and never prevented them from not to pulling. My current malamute came to me as a untrained and wild girl. She has come a long way from her wild days though. I was introduced to this brand by my brother. He said it works great for their newly adopted deaf pup which they discovered after the rescue. He said the vibrate allows their pup to perk up and run back to them when needed.When I received mine (turned out to be newer model), I was having issues with my pup responding to the training collar. Syncing was piece of cake and straight forward. I could never get a response on the shock part (at 60) so I never used it. I started having issues with the receiver whenever we walked. Neither beeping nor vibrate would work, so I gave up on it in less than a week. The times that the receiver did work, my malamute would learn to stop pulling on our walks. It was really like a miracle for me. My poor shoulder after 17 years …. I recently picked it back up again after reading posts after posts of how great the training collars have been for other people’s huskies.This time, I synced up the 2nd receiver instead. OMG, a huge difference. That is when I realized the 1st receiver has issues. It wasn’t holding the charge well. It wasn’t responding to the transmitter signals even though it was charged immediately afterwards. Sure once a while (1 out of 6 times) I have to press twice for the 2nd receiver to respond, but I’m ok with that.I researched iTronics’ website and the warranty is for a year; however, if you register the product, then you get three years of warranty so I did. I decided to call iTronics to report on the defective receiver and spoke to a guy who was very nice and said that he would send a replacement receiver to me in 7-8 days. To show how prompt their service is, I received an email from them on the replacement receiver is sent before I even started on this review. Now that is great customer service! I will update later.

  32. (verified owner)

    3 month Update -As stated below this works well in all modes -BUT as I was afraid we lost one of the receivers as it came off the collar and have not been able to find it. Once the battery dies your only chance is tripping over it.As a result I have dropped another star.This needs to be redesigned so one side of the strap cannot become dislodged even if the side by the charger port comes loose !!!!!Original review:The units work well and having the 3 modes – tone, vibrate and shock – in one unit is great. However it has a couple shortcomings :As stated by others, the channel selector needs to be a switch that can be felt and changed without looking.The belt clip on the control unit is lacking ability to stay attached. I lost it one day and had to retrace the prior walk to find it. This needs to be fixed.The strap arrangement on the dog receiver leaves much to be desired. You have to remove the strap from the receiver (1 side) in order to recharge the unit. It uses a split slot in the receiver for this, but it also will come free from the receiver and will then drop the receiver. I’ve had several instances where one side came loose and the receiver was just hanging, and one time – so far – where a receiver was lost entirely. The slotted attachment idea needs to be improved.As I said, this system works well at long range, but if the controller or a receiver is lost – it’s useless.

  33. (verified owner)

    These remote triggered shock collars make training a dog super easy. You only have to beep, buzz, shock your dog once or twice for them to realize that the beep is enough and they should stop whatever they are doing. Now when we beep one dog, all the dogs stop and run away from whatever was going on–they don’t want the shock! And the shock isn’t too bad, you can trigger it in your hand and feel your muscles twitching, it is more disturbing and unnatural than painful. We use these to control barking, digging, playing in the flowerbeds, eating poop, anything you don’t want your do doing, you can observe from inside the house and beep them when they start–they change their mind really fast!The only downside is one of our labs loves the pool and gets his collar wet. They “resist” rain just fine, but soaking they do not. There is no conformal coating on the electronics so once water gets inside, it’s going to corrode the circuits and short out the device. His went into permanent shock mode and will have to be replaced. Also, the reset button seems to be fragile so don’t push too hard or you can break it.

  34. (verified owner)

    The first set broke within a few weeks and while the company sends literature saying not to hesitate if there is a problem, unfortunately I never heard back and had to return the first set. Purchased a second set and have been using it, but time will tell. Overall, I feel like these collars are fairly cheap and there are a couple of design flaws, namely in the lack of an on/off button. But you get what you pay for, and after spending over $500 for perimeter collars, I had to go cheap on the training collars. The most disappointing part, however, was the lack of response from the company.UPDATE: Second set just as bad as the first. STAY AWAY. After only 35 days, one of the collars in the second set has gone completely dead. Much better alternatives are available. These are absolutely worthless.

  35. (verified owner)

    Poor product and poor customer service. The first time I set up the collar both collars worked on the one channel only. After contacting customer service i got a message that they were away until Tuesday, but i never got a reply. I did get a marketing message from the seller so replied to that and got some instructions on how to reset the collars. I reset and the collars worked on 2 channels, but one channel didn`t light up the electric shock tester and on the other channel the electric shock did not work for my Lab. The reaosn for buying ths was to train the dogs not to attack the baby goats we have. A dismal failure and a waste of my time. I now have to spend more time sending the product back before the deadline to post sets in. I`m really too busy to be bothered with defective products.

  36. (verified owner)

    Got this for training my two dogs to bark less. The design idea was great for us–one controller and two collars, and I could adjust each one for each dog to the level that worked for them. We started with vibrate rather than shock, and at level 20 (out of 100). After one day, I moved one dog to 30. The collars did make a difference and it was nice how it didn’t go off immediately when they barked, as I do want them to bark sometimes. But then, after just a few days of using it (and following all the instructions), one of the collars SUDDENLY STARTED GOING OFF AT A HIGHER VIBRATION RATE while it was still on my dog and I wasn’t triggering it, and WOULD NOT TURN OFF. I managed to get it off my dog, who was panicked at this point. I have no idea how long it was doing this before I noticed–I’m hoping less than a minute, but I really don’t know. Once I got it off, I could not turn it off. I tried everything. My husband came home and tried everything. Eventually, we found a spot where it could just vibrate itself out without us hearing it (it was so loud because of the frequency). After hours, it broke itself (it rattles now–something internal must have broken off). It was so bad on vibrate, imagine what would have happened if it started shocking my dog non-stop while I wasn’t home or in the room??? Returning this immediately.

  37. (verified owner)

    I have two german shepherds– I got these to train them to stay in our yard. First time use experience: I pulled the fur back and placed the prong on their skin since they have thick fur. I made sure the collar was properly tightened , it took a few tries of arranging the collar to make it actually work. Finally after about 5 tries i test it i and it works. they hated it. and so outside we went. i followed them around to make sure i was still in range at all times. They go past where i want and i go to press it and nothing. Then they leave my yard. I have tried all three prong sizes –different times and even tightened the collar to the point where it was definitely too tight and still – they go. Im convinced this is poor design to where the slightest movement makes the shock box shift and ineffective. Total waste of money.

  38. (verified owner)

    ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️I got the two-pack for both of my small rambunctious yappers and just use the vibration setting unless they are super ignoring me. Has really helped with kennel training and yapping issues as well as keeping my youngest from eating poo at the dog park as well as getting them both to come on command (before they just ran off and did whatever because my husband spoils them). I think we’ve had the collars about two weeks now and my youngest also isn’t having accidents in the house anymore.Makes training a breeze with yapping, chewing, stubborn, psychos (lol).Knocked off a star because the collar is for medium-enlarge dogs and doesn’t adjust small enough (or come with smaller collars) if you have smaller dogs (puggle and jack russell) I’ve never needed collars like this for my big dogs before, small dogs are insane.🤷‍♀️🤦‍♀️Side note, my son is an idiot and tested the shock setting on himself and says 50 gives a good “pinch” more than being “shocking”.

  39. (verified owner)

    I ordered one of these a few months ago and it worked well for me. Then I ordered a second pair a while later so I had one for another dog then a spare. I was actually going to order another set of two but decided against it, heres why.The first one worked well. Still works, I use it daily.The set I bought after that worked fine up until a few days ago when they just stopped. Wont charge, theres a rattling noise inside one but the other has no noise. Just stopped working. Nothing crazy happened, my dogs dont swim so no water issues. Normal wear and tear, maybe less because of how I alternated between charged collars. Anyway. I was happy with the value and the quality of the product but not anymore.Also, the collar to attach the unit to doesnt fit a single one of my dogs necks which was beyond frustrating that a second size wasnt included in the box.

  40. (verified owner)

    I had previously left a negative review because one receiver stopped working I did not get a reply from the seller about the warranty. However, it turned out to be a problem with Amazon messages not getting through. When I contacted iPets on their website, they were very nice and replaced the part that stopped working.As for the training collars themselves, I find that they improve the dog-owner relationship by eliminating negative interactions and stopping dogs misbehaving on purpose to get attention. My youngest dog sometimes gets loose and runs off and this collar shows her that the behavior is dangerous.

  41. (verified owner)

    I don’t know if it was just my set or an overall thing but mine didn’t work right. I purchased the training set for 2 dogs and when trying to use the vibrate or static functions it effects both collars. The only function to work properly was the beep function. I called and the guy was just as stumped as me and he immediately offered a refund instead of giving me the run around, which I highly appreciate. Another positive note is I ordered it on Dec 30th and received it Dec 31st! I wish I had had a better experience with the collars the,selves because it seems like they at least have great customer service! I will say that when I buy my next set it will be two separate units as I believe it would be too easy to discipline the wrong dog as it’s hard to tell which channel you are on unless you have great vision cuz the icons showing which channel you are on are small.

  42. (verified owner)

    This is the best collar I have purchased and I have purchased at least 4 previously. Two months ago and thanks to amazon and it’s great support I would have spent a lot of money with training. This unit is built extremely well and great instructions and the paperwork in the box gives you the manufacturers number with a invitation to call them for assistance. After owning at least three companies products previously I can tell you that this the best.

  43. (verified owner)

    These collars work great. I have two small dogs. I bought this one set to manage them both with the same remote. They respond to just the beeping sound alone – I have never even had to use the vibration mode let alone the shock mode. The directions are very simple to understand and they send you everything you need, even a tester to make sure that it is working. I also tested the collars on myself before putting them on my dogs, so I would know exactly what they would experience and I would know exactly how to use the remote. Once you get the hang of it, you will find it is very simple. The remote and each collar have a USB port to charge them and that charger is included. It really helps with the unnecessary barking while they are out in the back yard and they see a squirrel three yards over in a tree!

  44. (verified owner)

    Purchased these for stubborn dogs that would attempt to “sneak” out of the yard. They don’t have the long range that some others advertise, but for a yard of 4 acres they aren’t bad. I would instruct the dogs “no” or “come” before using the vibrate mode, and only had to use the shock mode once to detour them from attempting to go out of the yard. Our large breed dog now will lay in the front yard, or walk around the driveway, but doesn’t go by the gate unless they are with one of us.Pros: They are cost effective, good range, they hold a charge for at least 3-4 days, easy to operate, effective as far as instructing dogs.Cons: how they attach to a collar is kind of weak, we ended up using thicker collars and punching holes for the prongs to attach too. After about 75 yards you have to hold the button longer to allow signal to reach collar, but it will activate collar.

  45. (verified owner)

    I bought these collars less than a year ago. We have multiple dogs, two of which are barkers, so being able to have one remote control two collars was a necessity. Loved how they work and the effect on the dogs’ behavior at first.But after about 7 months, one of the receivers doesn’t hold a charge as long as it used to, and the transmitter does the same. This receiver volume is lower than it was, and therefore easier for the dog to ignore. The transmitter loses charge in less than a day and when you try to use it, it resets to all zeroed out settings when you press the ‘Y’ button.So, I purchased a replacement collar and new remote. In the time that passed since I bought my last set, they’ve changed to a different charger, and the new remote won’t pair with my older, working, collar. So now we’re at two remotes (one of which doesn’t hold a charge long enough), which is annoying. They look identical, so too easy to grab the wrong one and redirect the wrong dog.It’s a shame, as we like these collars and when they were working, they were a perfect solution for our two barkers in our three dog house.

  46. (verified owner)

    We use this set for 2 different dogs- a fairly compliant 50 lb Weimaraner and a very aggressive and non-compliant 11 lb mini dachshund. Our purpose is to 1) cut down on barking and 2) to eliminate scraps between the two dogs. The smaller dog responds immediately to the beep and we haven’t had to use the other settings for him. The larger dog will usually respond to the beep but, if he doesn’t, a quick vibration is all it takes. It does take a little bit of getting used to if you want to control 2 dogs at once, but that feature is what we needed. We did have to buy a smaller collar for our small dog as the 2 supplied collars were way too big. But, thankfully, a small collar was easy to find at the pet store.

  47. (verified owner)

     Just what I needed! This definitely corrected our dog’s behavior.I tried to correct it with other means but I cant just let him loose. We live in the country and our dog usually takes off like a wild dog. There was a time were he got in a fight with our neighbors dog and we almost gave up. I was skeptical about this training collar but I still gave it a shot. I tried it once the collar was fully charged and my dog’s behavior changed! I just followed videos I found in YouTube and spent an hour with my dog wearing the collar and it worked as advertised. No more playing “catch me if you can!” No more leash-dragging on the second day. My dog goes crazy everytime he sees a squirrel and it finally stopped. Im really happy about the results and I highly recommend this collar!

  48. (verified owner)

    They kept pestering me for a review, so I’m giving them an honest one. I was going to leave well enough alone, but, this broke after a few weeks. One of them never really worked well, to begin with. We got two units but only one collar. They do seem to be effective if only they worked after getting a little damp after a potty trip through the morning dew. These are robot parts now. Now my dogs resent me and my life is ruined.

  49. (verified owner)

    For the price, it isn’t bad. Personally, I should have spent afew more bucks to get the remote that has two sides or sets of buttons, one for each collar or pup/dog. As a training tool, I am fearful of using the vibrate function once I see my pup misbehaving and accidentally vibrate the collar of the other pup, who is not misbehaving. Got to hit a button once or twice to wake it up, then make sure the remote is set for the right collar and then vibrate the collar. By then, the behavior has happened and then it’s too late to correct sometimes. So for now, I just keep it on the one collar and focus on one pup at a time. This works well, just would like the remote to be alittle more user friendly. But you get what you pay for.

  50. (verified owner)

    These training collars work just as I expected them to.I waited over 6 months to write a review for this product. The only problem I had was when the plastic clip broke on one of the collars. When that happened I emailed the company and they sent me out a new collar right away! Thank you so much to them, and what great customer service! Dogs will react to the collars in different ways so you have to learn the best way to use them for different dogs. I have one dog who has longer hair and a very thick coat, so with him the only thing that he feels is the vibration, and he responds to it right away. My other dog has a very thin short coat so he feels everything, but doesn’t always respond to it right away. Sometimes he acts like it doesn’t even faze him in the least, but that is just his nature, he is stubborn. With him though as soon as I got the colors I used the beep to teach him to come when I called him. He learned this fairly quickly and still responds now when I use the beep function. I purchased these collars when we moved into a new house and a new neighborhood that was more active and louder than what my dogs were used to previously to control their barking. With a little trial and error, I have to say they worked, and I’m happy with the purchase and still use them today.

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