Grain Free Puppy Training Treats

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  • Just For Puppy: Soft, Chewy, Perfectly Sized Treats Specially For Puppies Made With Premium Lamb And Salmon
  • Treating Or Training: Soft, Delicious Dog Treats Great For Everyday Treating Or Training
  • All Natural: Contains Only Premium, All Natural Ingredients With No Corn, Soy, Artificial Colors Or Flavors
  • Made In Usa: Backed By Our Wellness Guarantee And Quality Assured Made In The Usa With The Finest Globally Sourced Ingredients
  • Have You Switched Your Dog To Wellness Natural Dry And Wet Dog Food Yet?

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Grain Free Puppy Training Treats

Grain Free Puppy Training Treats

Grain Free Puppy Training Treats

Grain Free Puppy Training Treats

Grain Free Puppy Training Treats

Grain Free Puppy Training Treats

Grain Free Puppy Training Treats

Grain Free Puppy Training Treats

Grain Free Puppy Training Treats

Grain Free Puppy Training Treats

Grain Free Puppy Training Treats

From the manufacturer

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Grain Free Puppy Bites Treats

Soft or Crunchy Puppy Grain Free Puppy Treats

We’re a family-owned company, raising the bar in pet food by using the finest natural ingredients and quality standards to create delicious recipes your pets will crave.

Guilt Free Goodness for Training

A crunchy, perfectly-sized treat designed to give your little friend everything they need to grow up smart and strong while you train.

The Wellness Way

The Wellness Way is not just a process, it is a mission. We strive to bring not only uncompromising nutrition and use unrivaled quality standards to bring your pet full wellness, but also support pets in need.

Contains No:

  • Grain

  • Meat By-Products

  • Wheat-Gluten

  • Corn

  • Soy

  • Artificial Flavors or Colors

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The 5 Signs of Wellness

  • Skin & Coat

  • Digestive Health

  • Eyes, Teeth & Gums

  • Energy

  • Immunity

Healthy Snacking for Happy Puppies

Specially Formulated for Puppies

We all want our pups to grow up smart, strong & well-behaved. These soft or crunchy Puppy Bites are both delicious & nutritious. Packed with protein, fruits, and veggies, these are the craveable, sniffable rewards to motivate any pup into action. Happy training!

  • A natural source of DHA to promote healthy brain development

  • Packed with antioxidants to promote overall wellbeing

  • Made with Superfoods like blueberries, delicious veggies, and omega-rich flaxseed

  • Perfectly sized for pups in training

  • Satisfaction guaranteed*

  • *For more information you can contact the official customer service or visit the official website

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Complete Health Puppy Dry Dog

Complete Health Wet Dog

CORE Puppy Dry Dog CORE Air-Dried Puppy CORE Puppy Wet Dog Trufood Baked Blends Puppy

Available Sizes

5 lb., 15 lb., & 30 lb. Bags

6 oz. & 12.5 oz. Cans

4 lb., 12 lb, & 26 lb. Bags

2 lb. Bags

CORE Puppy Wet Dog

Trufood Baked Blends Puppy

Recommended Use

A Complete Everyday Dry Diet

A Complete Everyday Wet Diet

Grain Free Protein-Focused Diet

Amazing Meal or Tender Topper

Complete Everyday Wet Diet

Complete, Baked, Whole-Prey Diet

Flavor 1

Chicken & Oatmeal

Chicken & Sweet Potato





Flavor 2

Lamb & Barley

Duck & Sweet Potato



Turkey & Chicken

Chicken & Chicken Liver

Flavor 3

Whitefish & Sweet Potato

Just for Puppy



Whitefish, Salmon & Herring

Lamb & Turkey Liver

Flavor 4


Lamb & Sweet Potato

Reduced Fat

Beef, Venison & Lamb

Salmon & Turkey

Flavor 5



Small Breed

Turkey, Pork & Duck

Small Breed

Flavor 6

Weight Management

Turkey & Sweet Potato

Large Breed

Weight Managment

Flavor 7

Small Breed Recipes

Venison & Sweet Potato

Wild Game

Best Seller Variety Pack

Flavor 8

Large Breed Recipes

Whitefish & Sweet Potato

Product description

Size:3-Ounce Bag


Style:Soft Lamb & Salmon

Product Description

Wellness Just for Puppy Natural Dog Treats are wholesome, all natural soft, tasty, bite sized dog treats made in USA only and specially formulated for puppies under 1 year with delicious lamb and salmon flavor and wholesome meat, grains, fruits and veggies you can see. Dog biscuits, treats and snacks are a great addition to a healthy diet. Snack time is a mutually rewarding show of love and positive reinforcement with your puppy or dog. You can feel good about training and rewarding your dog with Wellness natural dog treats.

Wellness Logo
image of a dog

Wellness Natural Snacks for Dogs

When you want to show your dog extra love, you shouldn’t have to worry that you are loading up your best friend with unneeded calories or fillers.

Wellness snacks are power-packed with wholesome ingredients and offer the perfect complement to your dog’s healthy diet. Wellness snacks are a great natural alternative and include oven-baked, crunchy Wellbars, soft & chewy WellBites and meat jerky Pure Rewards.

Wellness WellBars

Traditional, Crunchy, Wheat-Free Oven-Baked Biscuits

WellBars are oven baked to crunchy perfection using wholesome ingredients like Whitefish, Oatmeal and Sweet Potatoes. Not just empty calories, these bite-size nuggets are power-packed with vitamins E, C, and Beta-Carotene.

Snack time or anytime, WellBars offer the same quality nutrition you expect from Wellness and are a natural complement to a healthy diet.

Wellness Core Puppy
Chicken &
Cheddar Cheese
Wellness Core Small Breed Formula
Crunchy Peanuts
& Honey
Wellness Pet Grain Free Original Formula
Lamb &
Wellness Core Ocean Formula
Whitefish &
Sweet Potatoes
Wellness Core Reduced Fat Formula
Yogurt, Apples
& Bananas
Wellness Wellbites Logo

A Soft and Chewy Treat Made with Meats, Fruits, Veggies & Grains

Wellness knows you want to show your dog extra love with a treat that is as healthy and wholesome as it is delicious. WellBites combine a unique blend of healthy ingredients like lamb, salmon, sweet potatoes, apples, blueberries and flaxseed into a soft, tasty and nutritious treat.

These real food bites are a great size for training, treating, or just plain spoiling!

Wellness Core Puppy
Beef &
Wellness Core Small Breed Formula
Chicken &
Wellness Pet Grain Free Original Formula
Chicken &
Wellness Core Ocean Formula
Lamb &
Wellness Core Reduced Fat Formula
Turkey &
Wellness PURE Rewards Logo

A Grain-Free Meat Jerky Snack Made with Minimal Ingredients

Pure Rewards are the simplest way to treat your pet. Made with more than 90% pure, high quality meat, poultry or salmon, with just enough natural stabilizers to package them and keep them moist. These highly flavorful, protein-packed jerky bits are the ideal size for training and treating.

These real food bites are a great size for training, treating, or just plain spoiling!

Wellness Core Puppy
Wellness Core Small Breed Formula
Chicken & Lamb
Wellness Pet Grain Free Original Formula
Turkey & Salmon
Wellness Core Ocean Formula
Wellness Core Reduced Fat Formula
Venison & Salmon
Wellness Core Reduced Fat Formula


3-Ounce Bag, 6 oz Bag


Soft Lamb & Salmon, Crunchy Chicken & Carrots

  1. (verified owner)

    My doggies fav

  2. (verified owner)

    Like the small puppy bite size for a small puppy.

  3. (verified owner)


  4. (verified owner)

    Great product

  5. (verified owner)

    This helped when she went potty outside, she got a cookie and that was great. Not so much now that i’m out of them

  6. (verified owner)

    Both dogs like it

  7. (verified owner)

    My toothless Yorkie LOVES these! I love them because they have healthy ingredients.

  8. (verified owner)

    Our new puppy loves these

  9. (verified owner)

    They’ll eat them, and work great for Furbo

  10. (verified owner)

    Extremely Disappointing. Failed test.

  11. (verified owner)

    These are great size treats that I think could work for puppies of all breeds. I have a 4 month old dachshund currently who loves both the crunchy and the soft bite variety of these and currently these are the only treats we are feeding her while she is so young. We also used the soft bites for our chihuahua as a puppy and have the adult version for her as well, so it’s safe to say these have been treats we have trusted with our fur kids for 5+ years.The dogs seem to really enjoy the flavor although my only small issue is that for my smaller breed dogs I think the crunchy variety is a bit too bit to be used as a “training treat” while the soft bites can be broken up in smaller pieces the crunchy kind cannot be done so with ease. I would recommend these for pups!

  12. (verified owner)

    I would not order again for the price and amount in the package. half of handful of treats at best.

  13. (verified owner)

    Puppy loves these! Great training aide with no digestive upset for 9 week pup.

  14. (verified owner)

    I loved it that my dog loved it. She’s 10 day Post spay surgery @ 6 months old and doing well. This was her favorite treat🐾🐾🐾 while she plans her revenge- yikes . Just kidding, she loves us as long as we have these treats and we will!!!!

  15. (verified owner)

    I broke these into quarters which is not easy as they are sort of rubbery and gummy. My puppy loved the smell and I was using them for training rewards but she threw them up pretty much whole, which maybe was a better result than getting her getting diarrhea, hence the two stars instead of one. Alas. Into the garbage….

  16. (verified owner)

    dogs love them

  17. (verified owner)

    My puppy loves these! I used for house breaking.

  18. (verified owner)

    My puppy LOVES these treats. We use these when training since they are soft and you can tear them in half

  19. (verified owner)

    Best treats

  20. (verified owner)

    Puppy loves it! Working very well with his training.

  21. (verified owner)

    Dogs don’t like it very much

  22. (verified owner)

    my baby dog ​​loved

  23. (verified owner)

    my pup loved these treats! they’re perfect for training how to sit, lay and shake!

  24. (verified owner)

    My puppy loves them very much

  25. (verified owner)

    My French Bulldog loves these treats & since there are no additives or unnatural ingredients we dont have to worry about her allergies. Plus she is still a puppy & the soft chewy bite size pieces are perfect.

  26. (verified owner)

    I have used these treats to train my dog when he was a puppy. They are soft and small so my pup easily chews them. They can be easily broken in half with your fingers if you want too.

  27. (verified owner)

    These are bigger than we expected, so there aren’t as many in the bag as we were hoping. She does like them though!

  28. (verified owner)

    My dog loves them

  29. (verified owner)

    My 12 wek old pup loves loves this treat! I would have liked it to be cut into smaller pieces. But hey.

  30. (verified owner)

    3 month old puppy started off kind of liking them… but not excited. Now he literally sniffs them and walks away even when he hasn’t eaten in hours. He ate maybe 4 total before he just started completely ignoring them. Waste. Sounds like it works for some, not mine though.

  31. (verified owner)

    Smell good and my puppy loves them! What more could you want!

  32. (verified owner)

    Puppy likes them

  33. (verified owner)

    Dog won’t eat these

  34. (verified owner)

    I’m sure it’s a good product , but my dog refused to eat it. I didn’t realize that it was hard like kibble & she won’t eat anything that resembles kibble . ( which I wouldn’t buy kibble for her anyway). She’s a stray & I have no idea what she ate in her past, but she won’t touch kibble or dog biscuits. I give her air dried or dehydrated food or wet food. My neighbors dog LOVED these treats though!

  35. (verified owner)

    Great treats!

  36. (verified owner)

    My pup loves these. They are perfect to use for training as they are soft and can be torn in two.

  37. (verified owner)

    This treat works great for my elderly dog with no teeth. Nice and soft for him.

  38. (verified owner)

    Great for training

  39. (verified owner)

    Pups love them and the price is decent, especially for having the convenience of being delivered to my door.

  40. (verified owner)

    I love the treats. They took longer than I thought to arrive.

  41. (verified owner)

    My 2 goldendoodle puppies love these treats!!😜

  42. (verified owner)

    Dog doesn’t like them

  43. (verified owner)

    My pup now comes up without being asked and hands you one paw and then the other and then stares at the puppy bites bag and me til I cave in. Works too good!

  44. (verified owner)

    My pup absolutely loves these bites! He’s only 2 months and I’ve had him for a week now, with these treats I taught him to sit and give me his little paw left and right… He gets so excited when he hears or sees the bag he will do anything for his reward lol! I will be buying more 🙂

  45. (verified owner)

    A mi cachorrita le encanta

  46. (verified owner)

    We have purchased this item well over 20 times now. Our fur babies love being rewarded with them!

  47. (verified owner)

    Good thank

  48. (verified owner)

    My dogs love them

  49. (verified owner)

    My puppy loves these !!

  50. (verified owner)

    It smelled strong, so I thought great, he will love it. He doesn’t like these at all. So no all dogs are the same when it comes to treats

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