GREENIES Blueberry Dental Dog Treats,

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  • Contains one (1) 12-oz., 8-count pack of GREENIES Blueberry Flavor Large Natural Dog Dental Chews; Natural Dog Treats Plus Vitamins, Minerals and Other Nutrients
  • GREENIES Large Natural Dog Dental Chews Blueberry Flavor, 12 oz. Pack
  • Contains one (1) 12 oz. 8-count pack of GREENIES Large Natural Dog Dental Chews Blueberry Flavor; Natural Dog Treats Plus Vitamins, Minerals and Other Nutrients
  • The unique texture of GREENIES Dog Chews cleans down to the gumline to fight plaque and tartar and freshen breath
  • GREENIES Treats for Dogs are veterinarian recommended and accepted by the Veterinary Oral Health Council (VOHC)
  • These natural dog treats are packed with blueberry flavor dogs bark for

Product Images

GREENIES Blueberry Dental Dog Treats,

GREENIES Blueberry Dental Dog Treats,

GREENIES Blueberry Dental Dog Treats,

GREENIES Blueberry Dental Dog Treats,

GREENIES Blueberry Dental Dog Treats,

GREENIES Blueberry Dental Dog Treats,

GREENIES Blueberry Dental Dog Treats,

GREENIES Blueberry Dental Dog Treats,

GREENIES Blueberry Dental Dog Treats,

GREENIES Blueberry Dental Dog Treats,

GREENIES Blueberry Dental Dog Treats,

GREENIES Blueberry Dental Dog Treats,

From the manufacturer

Greenies, Dental Treats, Dog, Treats, breath, fresh, teeth, gums, cleans, freshener, plaque, tartar

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GREENIES Dental Treats Freshen Breath and Clean Teeth

Cleans, Teeth, Gums, plaque, tartar, Greenies, breath, fresh, freshener, solution, Dental, dog

Natural, ingredients, vitamins, nutrients, health, dental, treats, dog, healthy, teeth, gums

Breath, fresh, freshener, dental, treats, freshening, dog, mint, odor, smell, dog, health, dental

Ingredients, dental, care, dog, easy, high quality, health, teeth, gums, breath, fresh, greenies

Greenies Dental Treats help fight plaque and tartar.

Vet Recommended Based on 2018 data on file with MARS Petcare

Treat your dog with nutritious, natural ingredients for healthy teeth and gums.

Kiss bad dog breath goodbye with breath-freshening dental treats.

Highly soluble ingredients make your dog’s dental care easy.

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A unique texture helps maintain healthy teeth and gums, vet recommended for dental care, brushing

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Breath, fresh, freshener, dental, treats, freshening, dog, mint, odor, smell, dog, health, dental

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Breath, fresh, freshener, dental, treats, freshening, dog, mint, dog, health, dental bites

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Fights Plaque And Tartar

Easy To Digest

Made With Natural Ingredients, Plus Vitamins, Minerals, And Nutrients

Unique Feature

Designed to support teeth and jaw development including added calcium

Irresistibly tasty treats naturally help clean teeth

Weight-friendly for overweight or less active dogs

Easy-to-digest grain-free recipe

Naturally flavored with spearmint for minty-fresh breath

50% softer texture* gently cleans teeth and gums (* vs. GREENIES original dental treats)

Product description

Style:Large Size (50-100 lb Dog)

One GREENIES Blueberry Flavor Dental Treat a day is all it takes for clean teeth, fresh breath and a happy dog. Your dog can’t wait to sink their teeth into these delicious dental dog chews, because they are packed with blueberry flavor and feature a delightfully chewy texture that fights plaque and tartar. Irresistibly tasty and incredibly powerful, GREENIES Treats for Dogs are recommended by veterinarians for at-home oral care. Best of all, these natural dog treats are made with highly soluble ingredients that are safe and easy to digest. Give your dog the mouth-wowing treat that helps promote their overall health with GREENIES Dog Treats. Natural Dog Treats Plus Vitamins, Minerals and Other Nutrients.


Large Size (50-100 lb Dog), Petite Size (15-25 lb Dog), Regular Size (25-50 lb Dog), TEENIE Size (5-15 lb Dog)

  1. (verified owner)

    I bought these for my new puppy and she loves these. She gets one every day or every other day and they were pretty well in terms of making the breath smell better for maybe 20-30 minutes before it more of just lessens the puppy breath.

  2. (verified owner)

    Blueberry’s are my dogs favourite

  3. (verified owner)

    The blueberry flavor is the one my dogs love the most. I can’t get them to eat the one labels FRESH. Original is ok too, but blueberry is demanded by my dogs. Highly recommend. Not sure if it helps with tartar, probably does.

  4. (verified owner)

    #1 Dog Product

  5. (verified owner)

    I love my dog and she deserves the best. This is a wonderful treat and helps with oral hygeine

  6. (verified owner)

    Fig, our Jack Russell, sits by the cupboard and waits patiently for his after breakfast blueberry greenie!

  7. (verified owner)

    My little girl (Chihuahua) loves these. They clean her teeth and she loves the flavor and scent. Tiny size perfect for her to chew on. Not hard or soft, but pliable enough to safely chew.

  8. (verified owner)

    My little dog loves these treats.

  9. (verified owner)

    My Pug loves these and they help freshen here breath (smells like blueberries). I don’t use any cheap treats for her as this is really the only treat she gets (although I do share my food with her occasionally). As soon as she hears me reaching for the bag she goes nuts. They are pricey however, but since they are good for her teeth and gums and help keep her breath smelling fresh I feel personally they are well worth the cost.

  10. (verified owner)

    My dogs love these blueberry flavored ones. They smell awesome and leave their breath smelling like blueberries.

  11. (verified owner)

    They have good reviews for ingredients, but they made my dog sick. Too rough on her stomach.

  12. (verified owner)

    Please read carefully the description where it says the count of the treats inside the package. The picture is misleading!!!

  13. (verified owner)

    These smell like blueberry and were fresh, which isn’t always the case with greenies ordered on line. Of course they cost more than other brands but in this case I think it was worth it. I liked the size also.

  14. (verified owner)

    Great price ! Will buy again thank you !

  15. (verified owner)

    My fur babies love these!

  16. (verified owner)

    My dog is a very picky eater and Greenies are not something she likes. However my friend brought her some of the new blueberry Greenies and she LOVES them!! I am so thankful to have some help cleaning her teeth and getting and she gets a treat she enjoys as well.

  17. (verified owner)

    Good for dog teeth!

  18. (verified owner)

    These have a strong blueberry smell, at first I thought my dog may be skeptical but she loves them. They’re a little spendy for the number of treats you get so I ordered a size smaller treat than I would for my dogs size to stretch it out some as the quantity goes up as the size goes down. She seems to like these more than the odorless dental treats so they’ve got something going for them!

  19. (verified owner)

    My dog goes crazy and spins in circles when I get these out of the treat jar, even more so than other Greenies. I like the bluebeery scent and prefer it to the regular Greenies scent that lingers on my hands.

  20. (verified owner)

    My pitbull Tasha love these Blueberry Freebies.

  21. (verified owner)

    Both of my chihuahua love these. Even my picky one. They really smell like blueberries and I like that they stay soft for a long time, unlike some other brands of chews.

  22. (verified owner)

    Good price, my dog loves these.

  23. (verified owner)

    Just found maggots in the blueberry greenies. dog been sick. upset.

  24. (verified owner)

    My dog loves this treat. I have purchased this product for him a number of years online and and in the store. It continues to be one of my favorites.

  25. (verified owner)

    My dogs love the blueberry greenies.

  26. (verified owner)

    These smell wonderful. I used to buy the regular Greenies but my dog got bored of them and wouldn’t eat them. So I decided to try these and she loved them!

  27. (verified owner)

    Doggie loves these greenies

  28. (verified owner)

    Dog didn’t care too much for this flavor, try something different next time.

  29. (verified owner)

    We start each day with his Greenie. I call out, “Greenie Morning!”, and he comes running from bed (burrowed under his blanket). He likes the blueberry flavor and original equally. I like to think the blueberry has added benefits. These do not take the place of brushing his teeth or having his teeth cleaned by his vet, but it makes our mornings special. Thank you Amazon for this great product. My Min Pin loves his Greenie mornings and so do I. ❤️

  30. (verified owner)

    Never go wrong with Greenies! My dogs love so much. Have to eat pieces everyday! I ordered different flavors and all of them are popular !

  31. (verified owner)

    My dachshund has the worst breath. These have definitely helped.He loves them and that’s all I know about the flavor (•◡•)

  32. (verified owner)

    Received the incorrect count as shown on the website. See photos.

  33. (verified owner)

    I’m sorry I don’t have a picture of these, I’m a little late in reviewing them. They did have a nice scent when you opened the bag and my dogs really liked them. You received several pieces and they were the best value when compared to shopping at the store. I’d buy these again.

  34. (verified owner)

    My dogs ate the blueberry Greenies. They would never eat the original ones.

  35. (verified owner)

    My dog loves them and they smell almost good enough to eat!

  36. (verified owner)

    My little monsters love these and I love the smell. I believe my Maltese has improved dental health and definitely has better breath.

  37. (verified owner)

    My 13 year old dachshund has gotten more and more picky in her old age. When I first ordered these I was unsure if she would take to them, but she absolutely loves them. The minute you open the bag you can smell the blueberry. That really surprised me. She is going blind but when I get these out she smells them and immediately goes for it. Great purchase

  38. (verified owner)

    Dog loves

  39. (verified owner)

    He’s the reason I’m a po’ ass dog mom. Pantsy gets a Blueberry greenie each time he gives me a kiss. He’s figured it out. The jig is up.

  40. (verified owner)

    I freaking love these dental chews and more importantly so does my dog. Out of a fluke I bought these because my dog is a fan of blueberry. I didn’t realize these would become her absolute favorite treats but they have. I give her one almost daily and I get constant compliments about my dogs fantastic breathe. (Though I do also brush her teeth daily to prevent dental decay). I think I will be purchasing this product over and over again. 10/10 would recommend to anyone trying to keep their dogs teeth/breathe good to go.

  41. (verified owner)

    I have a pug and they are just the right size for her.

  42. (verified owner)

    My dog loves them and they work for him.

  43. (verified owner)

    My dog loves the blueberry greenies. They even smell good!

  44. (verified owner)

    My dogs love these.

  45. (verified owner)

    Our dog loves these. Blueberry is his favorite and we humans prefer the smell as well!

  46. (verified owner)

    My dog loves these treats, and unlike other dog treats the smell doesn’t make me want to vomit. Smells like blueberry muffins.

  47. (verified owner)


  48. (verified owner)

    My Yorkie loves this flavor. He’s a picky eater, and he tears these thing up, plus it’s good for his teeth.

  49. (verified owner)

    I’ve tried quite a few dental chews with my dog, but this is the only one she enjoys. Smell is good at first, but there’s like an after-smell that is not as pleasant.

  50. (verified owner)

    Small treats which my dog really goes for

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