PATPET Dog Training Collar – Rechargeable Dog Shock Collar with Remote, 3 Training Modes, Beep, Vibration and Shock, 1000Ft Remote Range

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  • SAFE EFFECTIVE HUMANE Training Modes: This dog shock collar with remote offer customized Static Shock (1-16) levels (Press and hold the 1/2 button for about 5 seconds to start the ‘shock’ mode)and Vibration(1-8) levels, as well as a standard “Tone” mode. These variable simulations can be tailored to your dog’s temperament, while the adjustable nylon collar fits 0-27” in length.
  • PREMIUM ERGONOMIC DESIGN: The easy-access button sizes and simpler format are easier to operate for pet owners and help dogs learn commands more effectively. A premium dog shock collar for expert trainers and new pet owners, the conductive silicone prongs are also safe on coats and skin.
  • EXTRAL LONG LIFE Rechargeable Battery:Built-in rechargeable lithium battery for the remote and receiver, general USB charging line can charge the remote and receiver at the same time. After 2-hour fully charging, the receiver is able to work 5~6 days and the remote is able to work 10~12 days, Without operation the receiver can last for more than 60 days standby time and remote has up to 90 days standby time.
  • INDOOR OUTDOOR VERSATILITY: The remote for this dog training collar can reach up to 1000ft(330 yard), allowing you to train dogs in the backyard, the park, or anywhere else. The remote also features a dual channel to support training 2 dogs simultaneously.
  • 2-YEAR RELIABLE WARRANTY: Patpet Dog Training Collar is backed by superior quality, reliability and a 2-year manufacturer’s warranty.

PATPET Dog Training Collar - Rechargeable Dog Shock Collar with Remote, 3 Training Modes, Beep, Vibration and Shock, 1000Ft Remote Range

PATPET Dog Training Collar - Rechargeable Dog Shock Collar with Remote, 3 Training Modes, Beep, Vibration and Shock, 1000Ft Remote Range

PATPET Dog Training Collar - Rechargeable Dog Shock Collar with Remote, 3 Training Modes, Beep, Vibration and Shock, 1000Ft Remote Range

PATPET Dog Training Collar - Rechargeable Dog Shock Collar with Remote, 3 Training Modes, Beep, Vibration and Shock, 1000Ft Remote Range

PATPET Dog Training Collar - Rechargeable Dog Shock Collar with Remote, 3 Training Modes, Beep, Vibration and Shock, 1000Ft Remote Range

PATPET Dog Training Collar - Rechargeable Dog Shock Collar with Remote, 3 Training Modes, Beep, Vibration and Shock, 1000Ft Remote Range

PATPET Dog Training Collar - Rechargeable Dog Shock Collar with Remote, 3 Training Modes, Beep, Vibration and Shock, 1000Ft Remote Range

  • Cautions:
  • Avoid leaving the collar on the dog for more than 12 hours per day.
  • When possible reposition the collaron the pet’s neck every 1 to 2 hours.
  • Check the fit to prevent excessive pressure;follow the instructions in this manual.
  • If a rash or sore is found,discontinue use of the coll ar until the skin has healed.

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  1. (verified owner)

    I have a beagle who seems to forget her name once we go walking off the lead. She eats what she wants, only comes when she feels like it and loves to chase the deer. I have used this collar on all three settings and now just a single beep gets her attention and she listens to me. I rarely ever use the shock nowadays.Also, my sister purchased the collar for her Schnauzer who would chase joggers etc. One beep gets complete recall.I also had to contact seller about something and I was astounded by their fantastic product and goodwill

  2. (verified owner)

    What a difference this collar has made on our girl !She is a jumper , or should i say was? After a week of using this collar on vibrate she has stopped trying to jump the fence every time our neighbors dogs are out . This is the third device we tried and i recommended it to all of our friends .It’s very easy to use , and you can control two collars with just the one remote which it’s awesome . It also charges very fast so definitely a plus .

  3. (verified owner)

    I purchased this for our dog who is constantly taking food out of our kids hands at the dinner table. It only took 1 shock for him to realize he didn’t want to do that again! Definitely happy I made the purchase!

  4. (verified owner)

    I originally purchased this because a bark collar I was using wasn’t working. With this collar I can activate it from my bedroom when the dog is barking in the backyard. I’m also going to use it if I catch my dog trying to dig his way to China. 😀So far it gets his attention and he stops barking. Hopefully he will start to equate the vibration with his barking and perhaps he won’t bark as much. As for digging, it’s hard to catch him in the act.I recommend this collar for training away bad behaviors.

  5. (verified owner)

    So many features and very effective, The vibrate alone is enough to gain attention and listen to commands. Important if you take your best friend out to places with lots of distractions. Good training tool!

  6. (verified owner)

    I bought this as a recall tool. Although my dog, like most dogs, will not run away – if they find something interesting in the bushes, they will not come back when called.I use the tone first and then if no joy, I would shock once. Now my dog reacts when she hears the tone and comes running.

  7. (verified owner)

    Ok, so I specifically got this for my senior dog. She is a smaller breed dog and is really well behaved but she is a barking little heathen at any little noise.My 6 month old puppy is not much of a barker, but big sister dog is teaching the younger one some bad habits with barking and it was driving me nuts.I swear I wish I had gotten a corrective training collar like this years ago when our older dog was smaller because I could have long ago corrected her yapping and barking. In the one week we have had and used this collar, she has dramatically improved in the barking area! I cannot even believe it how well this has worked.Also this past week has been leading up to 4th of July, where people have been doing fireworks for the past couple of evenings in which she normally barked nonstop for hours ….. and she has been SO good with just barely a low growl that would usually lead into a full on bark.I have ONLY had to use the beep and vibrate function and it’s worked like a charm on her. I also really appreciate the silicone covers for the little metal nubs because it just makes me more comfortable that they will be gentler feeling to my dog when she does need a correction. Oh, and if she has needed correction and I didn’t have the controller handy, a t.v. Remote works just fine – all I had to do is pick it up and show it to her …. I’ve even picked up my phone before and showed it to her and she settles right down.Good product, packaged very nicely and it is a good tool in helping you train and correct your dog. I do feel that one must be responsible in using it as a learning/corrective tool and not as a punishment device in order to prevent fear or seriously harming your pet.

  8. (verified owner)

    I have two dogs and I bought this collar for my Heeler initially. Unfortunately, my bark collar came in defective and my Pug’s behavior is the one I need to change the most and quickly. He’s in a bad habit of barking and charging cars/trucks/golf carts/ect that pass by to the point I couldn’t walk him on a main road. The vibration is enough right now to get him to get off the furniture (started him at 5 probably need to adjust that down) then tried to just use that when we started our walk but that wasn’t happening. He barely recognized it. I switched to the shock but he wasn’t responding either until I had it on five and he jumped and yelped (so too high). But it seemed to do the trick he didn’t really try to go after any more vehicles after that and I just had to say no and he responded immediately. So although I feel bad to have had to shock him that high cause it wasn’t working at first, I was able to turn it down to 3 though again, I can’t tell if it’s working or not.I will say my only downside to this collar is it isn’t very clear in the directions if the collar needs to be switched to shock/vibration and if the other won’t work when it’s in one mode or the other. Also, the fact that the remote needs to be woken up instead of just sliding a switch to lock the buttons like some of the other remote collars I saw is kind of annoying cause cars pass pretty quickly and I need to be able to redirect more quickly but it’s not too inhibiting right now. My only other thought is it is pretty bulky for how small the Pug is, it looks more normal on my Heeler.

  9. (verified owner)

    I think we are on about day 3.5 and I’m just now charging because I wasnt sure if the collar needed to be charged any time soon. Has one cord for charging remote and collar. It has settings to keep and vibrate if shock seems a bit too much. Vibrate causes my dog anxiety so we use the beeping and it helps keep him focused on not coming into the kitchen. We had to get the collar to keep our beagle/coon mix from eating cat food in the kitchen. For 3 years, he has never come in but now he is coming in to grab more food even though his bowl is full and giving him treats isnt helping so we used to keep feature every time he crosses into the kitchen. It went from happening about 10 to 12 times a day to once in one week. We are going to continue for another 2 weeks to form the habit and then give the good boy freedom of his neck again. Seems like a handy tool for instant correction if you use it properly.I took pictures of him wearing it while giving belly ribs but it ended up looking like a doggy mugshot.

  10. (verified owner)

    I was hesitant to get a shock collar for my husky puppy but he is a jerk sometimes and needs obedience training!!! Got this collar cause it does more than shock, it beeps and vibrates. Our big guy responds best to the beeping, cause his fur is so thick he doesn’t feel the shock very much and I added the extenders. When it vibrates he shakes his head a lot but the beeping he will respond to. He doesn’t wear it unless we’re training him, and he’s good with that!! Pic is him, but not wearing collar at that moment

  11. (verified owner)

    This is a very user friendly e collar. The buttons on the remote are very straightforward and you can even use it on 2 different dogs (both wearing compatible collars of course). And I like that it is rechargeable instead of using disposable batteries. It has 3 modes: vibrate, beep, or shock. My husband is using this to train our Brittany to hunt. He has been using the vibrate mode to work on her recall skills while in the field and it’s been very simple process with this e collar. The vibrate has multiple levels but it has still been effective on a lower setting.Our girl is only 25lbs and this collar still fits nicely on her. I was worried it might look too clunky since she’s on the smaller size, but the fit is fine! The strap is quite long so it would fit a much larger dog as well! It comes unassembled, but the assembly of the strap was explained well in the instructions. I would highly suggest using a dog trainer or at least watching some YouTube videos on how to correctly train with an e collar before jumping in to it on your own. It’s important to use these properly to get the desired results.

  12. (verified owner)

    Comments are in order from unpacking to use.Packaging – Is fantastic.Sleek black box, the device is nicely packaged inside the box with custom made packaging compartments. Printing on outside of the box is cool. Only bad detail was a bar code label was placed over the contact information.Product Construction – looks greatBoth the transmitter and receiver have no visual manufacturing defects. Rugged design. Excellent AssemblyProduct Material – ExcellentBoth the transmitter and receiver look and feel like high-quality material is used.Standard accessories – Perfecta. Included 3, different size, sets of contacts. This allows for pets with different lengths of fur and varying size. No need for extra purchase. HUGE Plus.b. Charger – Included 1 cord that will charge both TX and RX, at the same time. USB charge capable and comes with a plug-in block. Again HUGE Plus. Love options.c. Test light – To test the shock feature, also gets brighter as the intensity level is increased. AWESOME visual for the user.d. wrist strap for the transmitter. Nice touch.e. User manual – Decent operator instructions and pictures are good. Somewhat small in size, could be difficult to read for impaired vision. US Grammer is acceptable, making the instructions and troubleshooting easy to understand.Transmitter -Ergonomic, very lightweight, immediate operation.Buttons are easy to read, understand, and placed nicely for easy operation.300-meter range, which is a little over 3 football fields. Perfect for back yards and enclosed dog parks.There are a few button sequences that you will need to remember how to use, so I strongly suggest hanging onto the user manual.Capable for transmitting to 2 separate collars, each with separate settings. Another HUGE Plus. The 2nd receiver is an extra purchaseAlthough the receiver is waterproof, I do not believe the transmitter is waterproof.Receiver -RuggedWaterproofFairly lightweight perfect for medium to extra large dogs. Could be used for small dogs but I think the receiver and collar are too big for dogs under 15 lbs.Visually appealing and well constructed.The collar is interchangeable, the fact that the device is not attached to the collar is another great feature!Collar – Very nice, black, sturdy, adjustable strap with quick-release clip.Usage – PERFECTOperated exactly as I wanted it to! Dogs responded quickly to sensations sent. Fantastic.This device matches the quality and operation of much more expensive RF training products.Company -The product is developed and manufactured in China, by a company called Patpet. ( designs and builds their own products, I was impressed with what I learned online about them.Patpet is quality driven and designs its products with pets in mind.

  13. (verified owner)

    Our Welsh Corgi, Wesley, started to pay attention to the TV and would start barking (and walking around on his hind legs) when he heard or saw a dog on TV. This primarily happened during commercials, but he made us aware of how many times dog barking sounds are used in TV programs and movies.At first it was cute, but it became worse–even with scolding, he did not improve. In fact, he was able to recognize commercials that had dogs, when they started, even if the dog didn’t appear until the end. If he was outside of the room with the TV, he would charge in and watch the TV, anticipating the dog eventually appearing.I finally broke down and bought the Patpet collar. We decided that since he was trained for an in-ground containment system (similar to Invisible Fence) that uses vibration, buzzes, & shock, that we would start out not using the probes, nor the shock.Two days ago, we put the Patpet collar on Wesley and the first time he started to respond to the dog-on-TV, we first tried the vibration, with only a mild response. When we used the buzzer, he immediately calmed down and stopped. The next time a dog was on TV, he just watched without responding.Day #2 was the same–we ‘buzzed’ him one time when he started to misbehave and he stopped for the rest of the evening.I’m 100% confident that with a few more sessions, we will be able to break him from this habit.Having our dog’s experience with the in-ground fence collar probably gives us an advantage, that others might not have. But, I still highly recommend this product for dogs with training issues. It is easy to use and seems well built. I like that both the transmitter and receiver are rechargeable. Also, I like that the system is adaptable to using in on two dogs–if I decide I need to train our second dog, I can just buy a second receiver collar and can easily use the transmitter (remote) to choose which dog gets the correction.My only regret with this purchase is that I didn’t buy it sooner.

  14. (verified owner)

    I’ve been training dogs for several years. Normally I use Garmin or Dogtra collars due to the size of the dogs I work with. I was looking for a cost effective replacement for an old Garmin collar. At first looking at the price I thought, “there’s no way this is going to work”. I’m glad to say I was 100% wrong. I’m pleased with the quality of the device. I hate the collars with 99 levels of stimulation. That’s far too many levels. This is much better. The only complaint, which is just my preference due to my background, is the remote is very light. Other than that the collar and remote are great. Highly recommend this product.

  15. (verified owner)

    I’m not one typically for leaving reviews but I felt compelled to by my level of satisfaction with this unit..Hands Down the best collar on the market for this price point, but it has the quality and reliability that you would expect from a much more expensive collar. The distance is great on this unit, my yard is 180’x350’ and i have never had a issue with the range.. The battery on the receiver will last almost 2 weeks and the transmitter/remote will honestly go about a month between charges. 3 of my neighbors were so impressed with the performance of the unit and the difference it has made with my dog that they have all purchased one as well.

  16. (verified owner)

    So, I am of the thought that if I am too scared to use it on myself, I probably shouldn’t put it on my animal. I purchased another brand of collar (Funshion) and used it on myself. I have to say that the shock actually burned my skin. The other collar had 100 adjustable levels and I went all the way up to 100. The other collar also irritated my dogs skin. This collar only has 16 levels, and it’s hard to describe, but the shock has a cleaner feel. No burning sensation, just a little jolt. However this is a powerful collar. At 16 I could not handle it and actually screamed. Starting at the lowest setting I ramped it up until my dog started to react, which was a 4. Overall I am very happy with the purchase. It doesnt irritate my dogs skin and easy to use. The battery so far has lasted four days of continuous use, which is twice the battery of the other collar I purchased. I also have used the pet trainer collar and this is by far superior in build quality. 10 out of 10 would purchase again.

  17. (verified owner)

     I bought this not color because it was fairly inexpensive and we needed something that had a tone and vibrate to try to help train our one dog. So far this collar has been great as you can see from the video that is easy to fit on your dog and the battery life is superb I can go days and it’s still has a charge to it plus I love that it has a Vibe tone and shock if you needed to but we haven’t had to use the shock. Plus if you would want to get another collar it would be very easy to add a second dog to it there’s a button that says one or two and literally it just goes from one dog to the next which is super easy. The only thing that I would say is we test the shock on ourselves before we would put this on our animals and this collar goes up to a really high level of shock, which personally I would not suggest for your animal because it is quite something unless you really have a very hard to train aggressive animal then I guess you would use that level but for right now we have our set on a lower level and like I said we use the tone and the vibe mostly. So if you are looking for something for a very hard to train animal this collar is definitely for you.

  18. (verified owner)

    Game Changer!!! This dog collar has worked beautifully on helping us to train our dog! Zeus loves to bark like crazy and jump on you when he sees you. Nothing has seem to tame this cutie until this collar which he loves to wear. For this price point I admit I had doubts this would even work but a friend suggested we try it and I’m super glad we did. From the moment it arrived I was impressed with the packaging. It was easy to assemble and put on our dog. We love the different settings. The vibration setting works best for our dog. We have yet to have to use the shock. We have seen a complete 360 with our dog! We highly recommend this product! Zeus approved 🙂

  19. (verified owner)

    I really liked the presentation of the box. The dog collar fit well and worked well. I really liked the buttons on the remote and how big they were compared to other shock collars I have owned.

  20. (verified owner)

    This little collar is a great bargain for the price. We have a rescue who kept running the neighborhood, bolting out the door when anyone would open it. He would also get SO EXCITED and jump on visitors no matter what we did. We were extremely worried he was going to be stolen or hit by a car so we resorted to this. It trained him in no time. This collar and handheld remote is lightweight and extremely easy to use and set up. We just use the vibration correction and no more running away or jumping. Most of the collars we priced were over $100. This one is extremely Budget friendly and works like a charm.

  21. (verified owner)

    I have a miniature Australian shepherd, aka American shepherd. This dog has tons of energy, is very agile, very smart, and ultimately a little scatterbrained.I was afraid of utilizing a bark collar with that very thought in mindAfter July 4th fireworks, he would constantly try to bark his way into the house.The kit came equipped with different tips to serve different functions and hair types. After figuring out which setup worked best, and utilizing its functions, i could tell the dogs biggest problem was he couldnt figure out where it was coming from.I then introduced the collar to the dog by holding it in front of his face, and utilizing the beep and vibrating functions he had become accustomed to hearing. I also showed him the remote, and how pressing the button activated the collar. After doing so, all i had to do was vibrate it for him to correct his behavior. A week after that, and all i had to do was show him the remote. A week after that, the collar is off, and all i have to do is show it to him.I wish i got this product sooner, his behavior is much more likable. I love that i have a way to communicate with him when he gets over excited

  22. (verified owner)

    We have been dog sitting our daughter’s golden lab for the past 4 weeks. When he came to stay with us, it was apparent that he only listened to commands briefly if he was getting a treat.We also have 2 cats who had to be sequestered in a bathroom because the dog would scare them by chasing them around the house. He is a friendly dog, but completely undisciplined.With this collar, he has been behaving much better. Usually, we only have to use the vibrate function or the tone function to get his attention. We reserve the shock function to the rare occasions that his willful disobedience is causing distress to another animal or possible danger to himself (i.e. running into the street).I am happy to say, that it only took one week before all 3 animals were able to stay in the same room. Although the cats are still wary of our visitor, we do not have to lock them in the bathroom anymore. When we go for walks, he has quickly learned to heel properly. We can take him out our front door, off leash, and walk across the street to the park to play ball without incident.This collar was truly a life saver for the dog and our sanity!

  23. (verified owner)

    Story so far:I have owned this training collar for a little over a week and I have to say that my dog is making great improvements. She had a habit of taking shoes and having us chase her around the house, all because she wasn’t getting enough attention. Now, when she gets a little antsy and I can see where her attitude is taking her (stealing shoes) I put the collar on as a preemptive strike and she ALREADY straightens up without me using the collar at all!Now, when I first started using the collar I would put the collar on and as soon as she took a shoe – I would use the sound. She would run over to me and drop the shoe at my feet. So, I haven’t had to use anything but the sound so far and now it’s gotten to the point where I just show her the remote and she knows to stop.Recommended use:My recommendation is to start with the sound and progress to the vibration and finally the shock feature. I also recommend if using the shock feature to make sure it’s a very low level to start. I have tested the shock feature on my arm at 5 (out of 16) and it gives a nice jolt even at that low of a level.The collar and remote:The collar is very nicely made and goes perfect on my all black pointer/lab mix. It’s quality material, good design and will fit 99% of dogs out there. It’s easy to charge the remote and the collar at the same time. I have only charged them both 1 time for 4 hours (recommended according to manufacturer) and have not had to recharge. I have left the collar on the entire time and used periodically throughout each day. My dog has had a few itching bouts due to the rubber covers on the ends of the metal contacts that contact the dogs neck – the solution here was just to loosen the collar. She is able to lay down, sleep, run, all normal dog activities without an issue with the collar on. It’s also waterproof so using the bathroom in the rain is not an issue.The range on the remote is great for my house, I haven’t run into a single distance too great to activate the collar. The buttons are easily identifiable and accidentally hitting one is not much of an issue (holding in your pocket for example). It’s also very easy to adjust the power on the vibration and shock settings.Overall I would recommend this collar to anyone in the market for a nice training tool for you and your pup. Consistency is key when making corrections with your dog, so use the collar regularly and have it on them so it’s accessible should your dog surprise you with bad behavior.

  24. (verified owner)

    This is, not only, exactly what we were looking for, but it exceeded our expectations. Everything about this collar is exactly as advertised. I couldn’t be happier and we are seeing amazing results using it as it designed to use. I highly recommend watching several highly rated youtube videos about electric training collars. I use mine on a setting that I can’t even feel. If you use an electric collar to discipline your dog you are doing it all wrong and should stop using it immediately. This collar has a vast number of setting on every mode and is just what every dog owner should use to TRAIN their dog and not punish it. That said, we had a minor problem with the 1st unit we got and the company promptly contacted us and resolved the situation beyond our satisfaction. I highly recommend this collar!

  25. (verified owner)

    We live on a larger property that is not fenced. We have started to put a fence up but have been stalled by the city trying to determine if we have any “sensitive areas” we need to avoid. Unfortunately we have a neighbor who puts food out for wild animals that attract our garbage loving hound. I did not want to keep our dog locked in the kennel outside (due to family allergies of children born after we had the dog he can no longer be inside 😭) I normally dislike shock collars but this one stood out to me and something needed to be done. It has a range of settings from 1-16 for the level of shock. I was able to find a humane setting that worked. It also has a buzzer/vibrate so once my dog understood the “shock” I have been able to just vibrate instead with the same response. I like how the remote has the ability to control two dogs at the same time, so no trying to keep track of multiple remotes. The collar fits well and adjusts easily. It comes with different sizes of conductors to fit your dogs needs. The instruction manual is straightforward and the collar is easy to set up. A great purchase to protect our dog while maintaining his freedom.

  26. (verified owner)

    We have started keeping our son’s miniature husky (Alaskan Klee Kai). We have 2 cats and this dog was chasing them every time he saw them. Started using the shock collar while sitting on the patio in the evenings. If he tears off after the cats, we give him a command and if he doesn’t stop we hit the shock, He yelps, but after only a few times, he’s starting to obey us and leave the cats alone. I hope to very soon be able to use only the vibration and quit using the shock. I’ve found that the best collar placement is closer to the side of his neck rather than letting it hang down. It must be somewhat tight and with this dog’s heavy coat, I use the long probes, no covers and I move the hair away from the probes. I think this will ultimately solve our problemThe one thing I would like are different colored buttons on the remote. When the dog takes off, you’re moving quickly and symbols are not that easy to see. I may get a red Sharpie and color the shock button.

  27. (verified owner)

    This was exactly what I was looking for! I searched for a long time to find an obedience collar that wasn’t just a shocking collar. I wanted something that gave me gentler options to correct behavior. I have a small dog, so I need something compatible to her size, this is! My dog has issues redirecting her attention when she focuses on something, like chasing the cat, playing too hard with another dog, chewing things she shouldn’t, etc. I can say, even scream, “no!” and “stop!” all day and it doesn’t phase her. With this collar just a beep or two and she’s able to redirect her attention to me and listen to a command. I’ve had to use the vibrate option a few times (when the cat is involved), a few little buzzes and she stops. A week or so with this collar and I think we’ll finally have some of the issues under control.A few things to note:1. The beep is not super loud. I haven’t found a way to change the volume. My dog isn’t much of a barker, but if you have a loud dog, the beep might not be audible.2. I appreciate that I’m able to adjust the intensity of the shock! I do not have a plan to use the shock feature, so I have it turned down all the way, just in case someone would hit that button.Don’t hesitate to buy this! The collar is adjustable to fit most dogs, and it works awesomely.

  28. (verified owner)

    I have 4 dogs, one of which is a Bull Terrier – she’s a terror – at least she was until I got this training collar. Best investment for me to train her and her siblings on proper manners. I knew by tons of research and youtube videos how to use which sensory for the training. Start with the audible, then vibration and lastly the shock, moving up the level when they don’t listen. Within 10 minutes of training in my front yard, I had Shark (the BT) understanding that I was in command, I had neighbors in awe that she listened so well. The same day, I had a group of ladies coming up to me wanting to pet Shark, I informed them “She has to sit before she can be petted.” I gave her the command, the correct amount of correction – and she AMAZED the ladies that she sat before being petted. Buying extras for the other dogs to behave just as well. My only thing, is I wish the NOISE button was at the top of the list rather than in the middle.

  29. (verified owner)

    Item is well packaged.Instructions are okay. There are definitely some areas that seem like a bad English translations and instructions for fitting the collar and using the system come BEFORE you are told to charge unit before first use. Typically, charging information is provided before use instruction or on a separate paper all together.The remote control is okay. Fits in the hand well, has a belt clip and strap to go around the wrist. There is no ON/OFF. A poor English translation tries to explain why but I think the remote needs one. The remote seems to keep dying.The unit is pretty easy to use and does respond quickly. My smaller-than-normal English Bulldog reacts more to the vibrating than the shocking. This could be because the shock is weak or because of the breed.Overall, I think you get what you pay for. There are probably better systems out there but not at this price point. If I have to keep charging this remote, I’ll attempt to lower my rating and definitely send this back.

  30. (verified owner)

    This collar is great! We have an 8month old German Shepard puppy who is very large and very stubborn. We have been using this collar on him for about a week now and it’s great for stopping him from pulling while walking and from jumping on people as soon as they enter the house. We never have to go higher than the beep/vibrate modes for him, but we did have to use the static shock mode to make it work on our 3 year old Rottweiler. The battery has not had to be charged yet, other than the initial charge and the collar is large enough to fit both of our dogs. Definitely planning on buying a second collar soon since the remote can work on both with its duel channels.

  31. (verified owner)

    You have to put the collar together and size it for what you need and I was concerned it wouldn’t work because my dog is just barely big enough for this. I had to make it as small as it would go. Then I was concerned about it hurting him. I vowed never to use these because I thought it would be inhumane. Thankfully, there is a vibration and sound option and that’s what i used for my little guy. My neighbor is getting a bit grumpy in his old age and gets upset every time my dog barks… which he does when people are in their yards next to ours. At first my pup didn’t know what the heck was going on but it wasn’t too long for him to finally make the connections. I love the remote because we keep it on the coffee table and when he goes out the door and starts barking we can easily use the remote to remind him to stop. We have also used it to train him the boundaries of our front yard. He is free to play on our grass but if tries to take off we gently remind him :). I’m overall really pleased with this. Such a more pleasant experience than I thought possible.

  32. (verified owner)

    This collar was sincerely a life saver! I am new to dog ownership so finding a collar that was humane and could assist in quick training was important and I found both qualities with this collar! We’ve had our America Staffordshire pup for 2 weeks and our collar for 3 days and can already tell a world of difference!We also have a very bossy cat in our home so acclimating the puppy to the cat was important. We have already noticed a marked difference in her OVER playfulness with our cat (which agitated our cat) and her excitable barking.We have use the shock very limited but when we have she was not physically hurt which was important to us.We haven’t figured out how to adjust the volume on the beep yet but haven’t had a massive need for it just yet.We absolutely love this collar, especially since our Bella is a house dog, being able to train her quickly and safely had been important and this collar has majorly lead the path in doing that!

  33. (verified owner)

     We took our annual trip to Maine with our new puppy. (9 months old). She is a stubborn puppy and likes to stray away and jump on people. With this product we were in control and it helped us control her jumping. She responds to the beeps and vibration very well. I only used the shock at level 6 twice. She did yelp alittle and the vibration is all that is needed now.

  34. (verified owner)

    No More Toilet Paper Monster!!!Although we love our Marlee ……… she wasn’t always the best listener and at times got very spiteful and destructive! Our trainer recommended the PATPET, Vibration and Shock Collar with Remote for her specific, repetitive unwanted behaviors! Marlee had a thing about destroying numerous rolls of toilet paper daily! She must of thought we owned stock in Charmin! Thanks to the PATPET, her toilet paper consumption has seized and now can be trusted in our bathrooms (There are several modes & level to choose in order to correct different behaviors. We only had to use the vibration setting, at moderate level!)Today, we are very happy to report that ……..Our Marlee is enjoying the finer things in life ……… a good dog can enjoy in our home with her brother and sister!Thank you,Marlee’s very happy family

  35. (verified owner)

    I can’t review the quality of the product because, even though we received a box with a small dog picture marked small on the box…the collar was WAY too big and even cutting it down didn’t help. Oh and the packaging seemed to be a repack since there were NO instructions included. Complete waste of time and money. And since we damaged the product trying to get it to fit (because we are desperate for a solution!!) I am not even going to attempt to return it. Lesson learned 🙁

  36. (verified owner)

    This is the second training collar with a remote I’ve used. The first one was ok but the remote that came with it was tiny and it got lost really easily which lead to us not using it. My dog got the gist of the training and everything was fine for a while but recently the same behaviors we were trying to stop have been coming back. I got this one because the remote is a lot larger and less likely to get lost. We’ve been using it for about a week now and it’s been working great. It seems to charge faster than the other one and the charge lasts a long time. The best part is the range on the remote. One of the things we’re trying to work on is my dog running off to go try to play with other dogs in the neighborhood. The range on the other one i had was 30 meters. This one says it’ll work up to 300 meters. With the other one the collar wouldn’t respond once she got to the road but this one does so it’s been a good upgrade. This one also has more settings which is nice because the last one only had 3 and it seemed like every setting was either too weak or strong and we needed an in between. Happy with it overall and would recommend.

  37. (verified owner)

    This is cool as you can adjust settings with remote to work with 2 dogs. It will adjust per each dog with the push of a button. It also has multiple levels and it’s very well made.

  38. (verified owner)

    My puppies behave great unless they are put in a exciting situation. We used the PATPET collar to help get their attention and allow them to listen. It was very effective on a low setting and we only had to use the shock feature a couple of times. The audible and vibration now gets their attention and they calm down and listen. We are all much happier and we don’t have to yell to try and get them to behave like ladies.

  39. (verified owner)

    I was very apprehensive to get my dog a shock collar, but due to sudden behavioral issues we were forced to get this. After about a week of using it, it’s nearly fixed my dogs aggressive barking and growling at people walking by. The collar has a beep, vibrate, and shock button on the remote and my dog now stops being bad as soon as it vibrates and I only had to shock her twice. She did not like the shock and has associated it with the warning beep I give her. So I just do a beep, vibrate, then shock if she dosen’t stop. This thing is awesome, feels sturdy, and works great. I also need to mention, I shocked myself with it before using it on my dog, I got to level 6 before I felt it, so I gave my dog level 5, she is a pitbull, I can imagine level 16 is painful so definitely be conscious of this.

  40. (verified owner)

    She did really good with her first training collar but somehow she got it off when we were out hiking. So I ordered this one and so far it’s worked really good. I haven’t needed to use the shock on her yet the vibration and sound is strong enough where it catches her attention and she listens to me

  41. (verified owner)

    I love the simplicity of the trainer collar and the hand held fits perfectly in my hand, light weight it’s not a cumbersome hand held at all… I purchased this for my 100lb lab mix that is very stubborn, and likes to ignore my commands, He barks and lunges at other K9’s or pedestrians this training devise literally Been a saving grace for both pet and owner, for his safety and my sanity, He now at the sound of my voice responds immediately even when the collar is off, if i have the collar in hand and he delays i hit the sound button, He responds quick as if he has it on, the tone it makes is perfect. I love the levels of stimulation, very easy to change the levels if need be, the durability is incredible works even while he swims. The Battery life is spot on last very long in both items collar and hand held. Great product and highly recommend it. When needed, i will purchase another one… Thank you for making an awesome pet friendly training device so simple….

  42. (verified owner)

    I have tried most devices that claim to help to no avail. But TRUST ME this thing works! I have a small mixed terrier who would turn into CUJO (from the movie) when he sees a dog or pretty much anything moving with four legs. So when I read the reviews, I had to get the collar, which includes a remote. The remote has three options: beep, buzz and shock which can be set on levels from the lowest of 1 to the highest of 16. Of course, I tried it on myself on a decent level and it definitely gets your attention, but not in a harmful way. I decided to try it out at a place where we have the most difficulty; the dog park! He’s always with a leash and a muzzle. As usual, his behavior is uncontrollable, so I hit him with the beep, nothing. I hit him with the buzz, nothing. I hit him with the shock, let’s just say, my baby found GOD!!! He’s a whole complete different dog. I brought him back to the park a few days later, no leash, no muzzle! It’s like night and day! My life and his is so much better! No more anxiety when I go out with him! Because when i do, i treat his collar like an American Express card, i never leave home without it! 🙂 😉 🙂

  43. (verified owner)

    First off, I got immediate results using this product and am very happy so far. I did some research and the PatPet Training collar looked to be the best choice for what I needed. I downloaded the instructions In advance. It’s always nice to see a product that actually has a real website behind it.I have a 13 pound Chihuahua poodle mix. She is fairly obedient, unless her protective or Predatory instincts kick in. Then it’s hard for me to get her attention. That’s what the collar is for.I started with the tone, which worked immediately. When she got distracted by a lizard and I needed her to do something else, a quick vibration was all that was needed. I haven’t even bothered with the shock option. If she was a much larger dog, I can see where that option could be needed.Remember, this is a training device, not a permanent tool to stop a behavior. All of her training so far has been done through positive reinforcement and I do reward her when she pays attention after I had to use the collar.Here are some of the features that made me choose the Patpet collar:- they include conductive Soft covers should you need the shock option. Instead of having to metal prongs that could cause irritation, the silicone covers would appear to be much more comfortable for the dog. They also include multiple sizes for different coats.- They include a tester so you can see if the shock is working rather than testing it on yourself.- No one needs 100 levels Of shock or vibration. This product keeps it simple with 16 of shock and 8 for vibration.- I really appreciate that the transmitter and the receiver will have their LEDs Blink when fully charged. It drives me crazy when I get a new product and I have no idea if it’s fully charged or not.- It’s very simple to use. I did read the manual, but it’s pretty intuitive. Some of the other products had confusing buttons but not this one. The product came paired and about 75% charged.- I don’t need 300 feet or 1000 feet. We live in the suburbs. But we have fairly good sized yard and it definitely works from 100 feet.It would be nice to be able to adjust the tone volume. Backlit buttons would be nice as well. But at this price point, I’m not complaining. All of the buttons are different sizes, however, so that’s a good workaround if you have to use this at night.In summary, the PatPet Training collar is thoughtfully designed and well engineered. My wife and I are both very happy with it.

  44. (verified owner)

    Just came back from my vet. This collar shocked randomly and burned two holes on my girl’s neck!! she’s hurt severely and bleed a lot… It took me over 300 dollars bill and she can’t stop trembling once I closed to her now!I bought this because of the amazing reviews. When I received it I realized this is due to they promised a free collar if you left a good review here. Then it turns out to be a scam! Ridiculous.. I shouldn’t have believed it…

  45. (verified owner)

    This collar is awesome ! It has so many different features and modes . Very pretty actuall as wellBlack adjustable size collar and pretty goldIt works great . Finally an end to my dogs needless barking constantly . This seems to be training her to stop already after just the first day of using it .

  46. (verified owner)

    BLUF – buy this! It works! But – watch some training videos online to understand how useful it is.So, my dog (10 months old) is a hound. He has a high prey drive and when he’s locked in to chasing something… he’s gone! Months and months of recall training have been so-so. I’m not a pro-trainer but I’ve seen pro’s use these. I use the vibrate or beep when he’s no longer responding to commands on the leash and it gets his attention (he’s much like a teen kid). Yesterday I unhooked the leash to bring him inside and he was reluctant to come inside. I used the “shock” button on #3 and that was enough to convince him. I never go above #4 as I don’t care to “shock” myself above #4. It’s also not really a shock. It’s more of a TENS (transdermal electrical nerve stimulation) sensation, if you’ve ever used one of those. It doesn’t hurt, it stimulates a muscle reflex momentarily. It can get uncomfortable though, so try it yourself before using it on your dog.I highly recommend purchasing this unit. I was looking at other units which cost over $100 and this one is probably just as good. We have tested the range and have gone beyond 1,000 feet and it was still working. I put it on and had my wife pushing the buttons; stupid, I know. But she was nice and didn’t go above #4 shock. We really needed to know the range in case Roscoe decided to run off with it.One huge suggestion is to watch some videos on how to APPROPRIATELY train with this device. It should not be used as punishment. So, cranking it up to 8 and zapping the hell out of your dog is not going to get good results. My dog gets excited when I bring out that collar because it nearly always involves a walk or a trip somewhere. So, he associates it with positive events. I also only leave it on when I think he’ll need correctingBuy this. Use it correctly. And enjoy your pup.

  47. (verified owner)

    Got this for a habitual barking dog (Beagle). This is perfect for us. We only leave it on when we are home in the yard, so not long on the weekends. The evil squirrels of doom taunt the poor dogs and we like the ability to adjust to corrections based on the situation. The battery life has not been really tested since it is an occasional thing, but it seems good. The remote is simple and easy to use. The little extras to adjust to your dogs hair length and thickness is great and the rubber tips to cover the metal tips is a really nice little extra. The charging plug and cord that allows you to charge both the collar and remote at the same time is a refreshing and welcome addition. There are 2 things that caused me to remove a star from the review 1. The initial collar setup is more difficult than expected simply because you have to thread the collar material through the device yourself and try to guess the best way to do it to ensure it stays at the correct length. We are still adjusting and working on that. 2. There is no way to know what the battery level is on the collar. So you just have to guess, recharge constantly or beep/vibrate the collar while in your hand to figure out if the collar is dead occasionally. There is a little light that occasionally blinks green when it has a good charge and red with low battery on the device, but it would be nice to have something other than on/charge/off or dead. Overall very happy with this.

  48. (verified owner)

    This collar gets the job done! My dog did not respond very well to my other training collar, it was always hit or miss, after receiving this collar I had my doubts but boy was I wrong. The first day of use I trained my dog not to go pass the gate in our back yard, It only took maybe 15 minutes, now he does not pass the gate unless he is invited. I also trained him “Heel” which he does very well now. This is by far the best training collar out there. My old collars controller was so confusing, you had to press one button to cycle through the modes (vibrate, beep, shock). For the most part I prefer to use the vibrate mode and with the old controller I would accidentally shock my poor dog, he responds with vibrate pretty well. The old collar would sometimes not work at all even though I had just charged it. This collar works flawlessly. It only takes two hours to fully charge and lasts a good 4 hours!!!! I only use the shock mode to correct bad behavior and with this controller the buttons are seperated and I do not have to cycle thru modes to get to it, I can instantly correct his behavior when I see it. with the old collar too much time would go by before i figured out which mode it was on and this is not good when you are training a puppy, timing is extremely important!! and best of all, the price! the quality is great, its very durable and waterproof. In my opinion this is a professional grade training collar and all for under $40… I did have my doubts about the shock level because its only maxed out at 16 where as my older collar maxed out at 100. Well at 4 my dog responds immediately with the old collar i had to put it at 75 just to get him to look at me. I say it again, GET THIS COLLAR.. You will not regret it.

  49. (verified owner)

    I never write reviews but this collar is way too dangerous and the seller is bribing customers for good reviews!!!!!I adopted a Shepard Husky who has a ton of energy. She was chewing through everything in my house, so I finally decided to buy her a training collar. However, now I really REGRET about my decision.Battery life isn’t quite as advertised. Had to charge it after only a few hours of use. I plugged it in and after a while an obnoxious burnt smell suddenly bothered me. The dog training collar was smoking, setting off the FIRE ALARM!! I just bought a day ago!! How could this happen?! My dog seemed to be scared, barking at it. I was quite afraid that it would explode, causing a house fire. Scared the living daylights out of me!!!! I immediately threw it into the backyard and called the fire department. This training collar burned wounds into my hands!!! Great! Now I have to go to hospital to make sure the wounds wouldn’t end up with infection!It was sooo freaking dangerous. What if I was asleep? What if I left the collar charging overnight? What if there were no one at home? Would it burn down my house and hurt my sweet baby girl ? ? ? ! ! !This collar has hundreds of amazing reviews. It’s too good to be true and I should have known it! Most reviews are FAKE!!!!! There was a card in the package, saying that as long as I post a good review, a FREE RECEIVER would be sent to me immediately! Isn’t this BRIBERY??? I would never ever write a fake review in exchange for a free gift. Just NO. Thank you.So guys, be careful! You would be better off just lighting $$ on fire rather than buying this hazardous collar!

  50. (verified owner)

    We have a new puppy and she is constantly barking and running away from us and I’ve been researching several different types of shock collars to get. I bought this to help train her to listen to our commands and to also stop unwanted behavior and keep her safe from going into the street or near cars. I generally use the vibrate function on high as it can be hard to get her attention when she’s chasing something or barking and that is starting to already change her behavior. I’ve only use the shock at low/medium levels when she’s in more imminent danger and it gets her attention off of what she’s doing most of the time so she can listen to my commands. I really like the long battery life and the ease of charging both the collar and the remote at night when we take the collar off for her to sleep. The range is really good as well for those times she starts running fast and far away.

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