Rachael Ray Nutrish Just 6 Limited Ingredient Diet, Lamb Meal & Brown Rice Recipe Dry Dog Food

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  • Lamb meal is the #1 ingredient
  • Limited ingredient diet which may help dogs avoid food sensitivities
  • No corn, wheat, soy, gluten or filler ingredients
  • No poultry by-product meal, artificial flavors or artificial preservatives
  • Natural dog food with added vitamins & minerals

Rachael Ray Nutrish Just 6 Limited Ingredient Diet, Lamb Meal & Brown Rice Recipe Dry Dog Food

Rachael Ray Nutrish Just 6 Limited Ingredient Diet, Lamb Meal & Brown Rice Recipe Dry Dog Food

Rachael Ray Nutrish Just 6 Limited Ingredient Diet, Lamb Meal & Brown Rice Recipe Dry Dog Food

Rachael Ray Nutrish Just 6 Limited Ingredient Diet, Lamb Meal & Brown Rice Recipe Dry Dog Food

Rachael Ray Nutrish Just 6 Limited Ingredient Diet, Lamb Meal & Brown Rice Recipe Dry Dog Food

Rachael Ray Nutrish Just 6 Limited Ingredient Diet, Lamb Meal & Brown Rice Recipe Dry Dog Food

Rachael Ray Nutrish Just 6 Limited Ingredient Diet, Lamb Meal & Brown Rice Recipe Dry Dog Food

Rachael Ray Nutrish Just 6 Limited Ingredient Diet, Lamb Meal & Brown Rice Recipe Dry Dog Food

Rachael Ray Nutrish Just 6 Limited Ingredient Diet, Lamb Meal & Brown Rice Recipe Dry Dog Food

Rachael Ray Nutrish Just 6 Limited Ingredient Diet, Lamb Meal & Brown Rice Recipe Dry Dog Food

Rachael Ray Nutrish Just 6 Limited Ingredient Diet, Lamb Meal & Brown Rice Recipe Dry Dog Food

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6 Lb. Bag, 14 Lb. Bag, 28 Lb. Bag

  1. (verified owner)

    My dog always smelled really bad (not normal dog smell) and was always scratching. I tried grain free brands from other products but this is the only one that knocked out the horrible smell and itching.

  2. (verified owner)

    I had already ordered this when I saw information about this additive, Meniodione Sodium Bisulfate, which is apparently a synthetic VitK and is toxic to vital organs. I’m afraid that most dog foods do contain this but I hope it will be removed soon. Other than that this seems like a good grain free food and my dogs like the taste. I only ordered a small sack and am ordering another premium dog food that does not contain this additive.ADDENDUM; A few days later. I fed this food till my other grain free food arrived and I will report that my Lab’s poop is much smaller. I can’t believe the difference in the amount. AND, I had not been feeding crap up till now. I was feeding a highly rated premium dog food. I can’t imagine why anybody would want to fill their dog up with filler grains that just go right through the dog and have to be picked up in the yard. Also, disgusting as it is to say, my Lab was bad about eating his own poop but is not doing it now that I have him on the grain free food. There again is the proof that the grain just passes right through the dog. Unfortunately my 4 small dogs are still on the other premium food that apparently does contain filler grains though it doesn’t really say so and my Lab is still picking up their poop and eating it. I think I’m going to switch them to the grain free and see what happens. If he stops eating it then I’m going to give all that dog food to the dog shelter and just feed all mine grain free.

  3. (verified owner)

    Decent food, good price, my dog really seemed to like the taste. She is a picky eater so the fact that she gobbled it down really made me happy. However, within about four or five days of gradually transitioning to this food, my dog was going crazy over an itchy spot on her bum and tail. I decided to stop transitioning onto this food and see what happened. The day after we stopped feeding this food to her, she stopped itching. Possibly a coincidence but I don’t think so. She has never gone crazy over an itch before, so I think its safe to assume she was allergic to something in the food. I bet if I had continued to feed it to her, she would have developed a hot spot or two. My suggestion would be to try this food for a few days if possible and see how your dog reacts before buying a giant bag.

  4. (verified owner)

    Last year I had to take my Cha-Weenie to the vet to get checked because he has been having sever skin & health problems. $800 of tests didn’t yield anything; big surprise. The vet recommended I change his food to Hills and it was some allergy one; so I did. Big mistake because he got sicker and fast. He couldn’t stop throwing up for days. I read the ingredients and saw the first two were chicken by-product meal and corn meal. Thanks allot vet. So I took matters into my own hands and started doing some research on what I could feed him that would be better for him and all the other dogs. It was obvious I was invested in my dogs health much more than my former vet. I came across Rachael Ray’s Just 6 and decided to try it. What a difference. I stopped feeding him the other food immediately and when he finally felt well enough to eat he kept the food down. After a couple days his poop solidified and I noticed he had more energy. Oscar the Cha-Weenie has been on this food for over a year now and he runs around like a puppy chasing and bossing the other dogs, some 4x his size. That’s pretty good for a dog that’s 10 years old. I give him Omega 3 6 9 in liquid caps (just cut one and squeeze oil onto his food) for his skin & coat along with a liquid glucosamine I buy here on amazon as well. All his hair has been slow to grow back but his coat is much healthier and you can tell he feels so much better. He hasn’t had a sick day since the switch. All of them also get Nature Pet (?) the refrigerated bologna like stuff that contains turkey, peas and carrots. I have seen a drastic change in all of my kids energy levels and coats since these changes. I know its cheaper in Wal-Mart but if you subscribe to this food on Amazon its cheaper and free delivery. I also noticed the food I receive from Amazon is not nearly as old as the ones I have bought at Wal-Mart. It must sit on the shelf at Wally World forever.

  5. (verified owner)

    Both of my dogs like it, I like the price and that it comes from Rachael Ray. I also like it’s got only 6 ingredients. With Limited ingredients I am hopeful my dog who has a terrible time with bloody ‘hot spots’ and itchy skin will respond..I’ve tried so many things and this poor dog has to be wrapped up to stop scratching herself bloody.***Update*** Wow, my husband and I agreed, our dog has stopped scratching!! And she’s not wearing her clothes or thundershirt or her elizabethan collar!! It just dawned on me I haven’t seen her do it in several weeks. I’m sold, it was def the change in food!! She is so much happier!! And my other dog likes it as well!! Win Win all the way around!!I’ll share it with the vet, he’s been doing his best to help and it was all in the food!!

  6. (verified owner)

    My dogs absolutely love Rachael Ray brand dog food! I prefer to get them the zero grain rather than the just 6 bag but I think either one of them is good for them. When I received this I immediately put a bowl of it out even though they still had some food left in their other bowl (it was the Purina brand). They turned their noses up at the other brand of dog food and ate just the Rachael Ray brand and if all of the Rachael Ray was gone then they would bring the bowl to my feet and drop it and if you proceeded to ignore the fact that the bowl was at my feet they would either paw, bark or jump up on me to get my attention. The other thing that I absolutely love about this brand is that the price is really reasonable compared to the other brands that are of this quality. The only thing I don’t like is I wished they sold it in bigger bags (like around 40-50 lbs).

  7. (verified owner)

    Our English Pointer (mix?) was dropped at our house at around 3 or 4 years old (says the vet) with a badly injured back hip. She couldn’t walk on one of her back legs at all. Knowing that going gluten free completely cured my own arthritis, I thought it would be good to feed her a gluten free dog food. She’s been eating this ever since and now she has zero hip problems. When the vet first checked her out, he said she had no muscle in that hip or leg and would probably never use it, but the last time I took her in for a check up, he was amazed by how muscular that hip and leg were! I order our dog food on Amazon because it is cheaper than buying it at Kroger, and so much more convenient than hauling it home from the grocery store.

  8. (verified owner)

    Trying to keep my pet as healthy as possible, I avoid dog food with “meal” and soy/corn. Rachel Ray’s brand of Zero Grain and Just 6 have always pleased me and my pet! You can’t beat amazon’s price…except when there’s a $3 or $4 coupon out there, then you have to go where you can get the best deal. Maybe one day we can scan coupons and receive the discount using amazon? Hm… Anyways, Ray’s dogfood isn’t cheap, but I believe the quality is there. Been using her brand for 3 years now and our dog has no skin or allergy issues. Our breed often suffers from digestive disorders, so it’s imperative to provide the most gentle yet nutritious option! We occasionally mix it up for pup – dry/wet with a can or some homemade goodness. These kibbles are rather large, so they’re perfect for an extra large furbaby. Beats out those other high priced vet brands which contain lots of yuk.

  9. (verified owner)

    This dog food is perfect for my small, 20lb, dog. I have been trying to prevent weight gain and weed out a possible allergy for her, so just before trying this food I tried the Wellness brand limited ingredient food for small dogs. This Just 6 is a million times better than the pricey Wellness food! The other brand upset her stomach something fierce but the Just 6 is something she loves to eat and doesn’t make her have tummy trouble. She hasn’t gained any weight and her allergies seem to have cleared up. She also doesn’t mind the regular style kibble and happily chows down. We will be buying this again and again!

  10. (verified owner)

    We left Purina One for Whole Earth Farms after learning Purina was owned by Nestle (bad corporation in Africa), and then Nestle bought Whole Earth Farms, argh, so I looked around again & tried this.The reason I am writing is that it was magic on my dog’s hips. She had bad hips way too young. We gave her all sorts of tree hugger type medicine plus Prednizone, then like magic when we (inadvertently at first) switched to a grain free dog food, her hips gradually got better. We’ve now weaned her off all the meds. It appears our dog has a gluten intolerance!Probably any wheat free dog food would work, but this was the least expensive I could find and it does the job. The dogs like it fine, but they also eat baby poop and trash, so I wouldn’t use that as guidance. More expensive ones also drop the rice, which this doesn’t, but meets our needs.

  11. (verified owner)

    My dachshund is going on twelve and was having so many problems with other foods. I had tried many things, other type of dog foods, some of them way more expensive. But to no avail. He continued to ignore his food and lose weight. Then I discovered Rachel Ray’s Nutrish Just 6 Natural Dog Food. He loved it. He has gained his weight back and is excited for meal time again. I am so grateful to have found this dog food. I hope this helps anyone else in the same difficult predicament that my dog and I were in, with their dog and beloved family member.

  12. (verified owner)

    Our American Bull (Scott type) – Penny – never had skin issues up until about a year ago. At the time, her fur was falling out in patches, and her skin would turn bright pink every time she ate the food we picked up at the grocery store.Assuming the cause was food allergies, a friend recommended trying a more natural dog food. I’d heard good things about Rachael Ray’s line, so we decided to give it a try.Fast-forward to today, Penny’s fur has come back in completely, and her skin never turns pink after she eats. Bonus – she loves the way it tastes, and mom and dad are happy because it’s affordable.

  13. (verified owner)

    I love the dedication to offering a natural dog food so consumers can feel good about what they are feeding their dog but this brand was not as good as I hoped it would be. The smell when I opened the bag was overpowering and not in a pleasant way. The food itself was not something my dog loved but as with people this could just be a preference thing. I gave it three stars because I think the food itself has nutritional value and better than many dog foods on the grocery shelves today but deducted two because of the smell and the fact that my particular dog (s***zu) did not like it and I ended up not using most of it.

  14. (verified owner)

    My collie puppy has been diagnosed with a liver shunt, which requires surgery. Wanted to continue with a holistic type dog food, but needed low protein. Searched many brands, and needed it to be flavorful so he would like it. Well he loves it! Even after his surgery we will continue with this line. We also got him these Vitapet Advanced Strength Joint and Hip Chewables That were recommended by the vet recommended. We did and are quite pleased. I do have to break it up into about four pieces for them but they think it is a treat. Highly recommend Vitapet joint chewables!

  15. (verified owner)

    We adopted Scruffy after his owner died. He is a great dog. When we first got him we continued to use his same dog food. His poo was so smelly that you would want to puke if you came within 15 feet of them. I really thought he was in poor health and was possibly on his last days as well. He is about 11 years old. We already had a dog that we were feeding this product to so we transitioned Scruffy over to it. Within days his coat brightened up, he was more alert, and most importantly, his craps were almost odorless. OMG its a miracle! Thanks Rachel Ray!!!!

  16. (verified owner)

    My dog is very fussy and I have been giving her canned food because she eats it. But when I opened this package and gave her a a small morsel she loved it!!! Then I gave her another, and she wanted more. What is in this that is making my dog love it so much? I know its only 6 ingredients, but I’m guessing with the wheat, corn and soy out, I think she’s really able to taste the beef more. Anyway, she is happy, the owner is happy, and life is just well…happy!!!Thanks Rachel for making such a great product and caring about our dogs.!!!

  17. (verified owner)

    I bought this dog food last year, because I ran out of my regular brand and just needed something for a few days until I could get to Costco and buy my regular food. Wow! My dog is a bulldog pit mix that we rescued, and he had terrible skin issues. He was licking, scratching, bleeding and hairless in places. This food is all he needs to keep all of his skin issues from coming back. If I have run out and used another dog food, even for a day, he will go back to scratching and licking… However, once he goes back to Just 6, all his skin problems vanish. Please don’t stop making this food! It has saved my dog from so many problems.Best,Mary K

  18. (verified owner)

    I bought this for my dog. He has the Hipster disease of Celiacs. I tried to tell him that free dogs do not get to have weird diseases but he seems to not understand what I am saying. He loves this stuff and has no related digestive items.

  19. (verified owner)

    The package arrived torn and crushed. My dog is very food motivated and eats pretty much everything but did not care for this food.

  20. (verified owner)

    My English Bulldog was suffering from skin allergies, redness and itchy skin. Since she started eating this food, her skin magically healed and now her coat looks so much softer and overall very healthy. She is back to being a happy pup and I am so glad it was such an easy fix! Just changed from Beneful to this food ! And the bonus is that she LOVES IT!

  21. (verified owner)

    I have been feeding my 12 year old Pomona Rachel Ray Healthy Weight dog food. He loves it the kibble is small. His weight had been an issue and switching to Healthy Weight and green beans got him to perfect weight. So I was no longer able to get it from Amazon. I read the reviews and decided to give this a try. The kibble is almost twice as large. The dog loves it. I can use one piece as a treat. I hope he doesn’t gain weight. I have a picture the smallergic one is Healthy Weight, Larger is Just 6.

  22. (verified owner)

    Our dog had thick, warm ears that were all gross on the back side of the ear. She itched her belly all the time. I tried several expensive brands, one made her very sick. This was brand new, and a client in our vet clinic recommended Rachel Rays Foods. Tried it for 6 months. Ears completely cleared up, itching stopped. I have been using it ever since. Have recommended this so many people. Have heard back from those people, about the great results.

  23. (verified owner)

    Sad but true 😐 My chihuahua sniffed this food, took a few bites and left it to be swept up ☹️ (and it’s about the same size dog food I have already, but by Purina “Bella”. All is not lost though, my neighbors dog will probably appreciate it 😄

  24. (verified owner)

    My dog had red, itchy skin that just wouldn’t go away. Her vet said that she was sensitive to wheat products and ingredients used in cheap dog food. The vet suggested a limited-ingredient formula and after A LOT of research, I decided on this one. This is all my miniature schnauzer mix eats now and her skin cleared up almost immediately! No more scratching or redness. She’s happy, healthy, and has SO much energy. You can’t beat the quality and price. Highly recommend!!

  25. (verified owner)

    Our 11 y/o Jack Russell is usually picky eater so he was on moist puppy food and table scrap diet whole life. He started to eat less and less of the puppy food the last few years so I reluctantly tried this product. I tried dry food before and it was a waste but he genuinely has been eating 1-2 bowls each day and half way done with the bag in just a couple weeks. This food seemed to attract more ants than normal. It doesn’t seem to list sugar as ingredient but I can bet that some how it finds a way in there

  26. (verified owner)

    I’ve been buying this food for almost 5 month and I need to stop. This kibble is so hard to chew for my 4 dogs that we need to moisten it in water before giving it to them. You may wonder how old are my dogs and even the youngest one (2 years old) and weighting 60 pounds, can’t eat this food. At the beginning I was very happy with it but after this situation I’m seeking for other food.

  27. (verified owner)

    My dog has been on a homemade dog food diet and I wanted to add in some kibble. I added a little bit of this to his homemade food and by the third day he was so violently sick he couldn’t walk, could barely breathe and wouldn’t eat or drink anything (which is incredibly rare for him). This wasn’t like a little stomach upset – I thought I was going to have to put him down. Maybe this is a match for others but this food is clearly not as natural as they claim it is – DO NOT BUY if your dog isn’t used to eating chemicals and crap.

  28. (verified owner)

    I’ve been feeding my dog other Rachael Ray dog foods for the past year and she’s been fine so we decided to try this flavor when she was getting tired of the other one. HUGE MISTAKE. I don’t know what it is about this one but it made my dog extremely sick for about a week. She ate it for 2 days and then begun having uncontrollable diarrhea all over our apartment. She would cry and need to go out every 1-2 hours and was so sick that she couldn’t hold anything in or make it outside. It took about a week for it to pass and we’re back on the past food and she’s fine again. Something in this food is not right. For reference, I have a 4-year old cocker spaniel.

  29. (verified owner)

    I have been buying Rachael Ray Nutrish Just 6 Natural Dry Dog Food, Lamb Meal & Brown Rice Recipe for a long while now. Sad to say I no longer will be getting this dog food. At least not online from Amazon. This last batch was BAD!!! The food seemed a little darker than usual to both me and my wife, but we couldn’t be certain. After a couple of days on this batch of food, our buddy threw up in the house. Then throw up turned into diarrhea the following couple of days. He was absolutely pitiful. We swapped our other dog’s dry food with this and he got better, while letting our other dog eat this batch of food. Sure enough, our other dog got sick also. Bloody diarrhea. Felt awful. NO MORE RACHAEL RAY FROM AMAZON!!!! We ordered Nov. 29th FYI.

  30. (verified owner)

    My dog started out ok eating this the first couple days, and then simply would not eat it. I mixed it with a better quality dried dog food and he’d pick out the pieces of this food and leave it on the side of his bowl. When I checked dog food advisor it only had 2.5 quality rating, probably not the best choice of dog food to begin with.

  31. (verified owner)

    I have a CavaPoo, 8 yrs old. He’s been on a few different foods. Most recently was a mainstream brand that he really enjoyed but I noticed the quality control in the food pieces was getting less consistent. So I gradually switched him over as recommended. At first he really liked it, but then he started shying away. Didn’t seem to have any dental or other health problems. It’s not like he was starving, believe me he ate something, lol. Then eventually he’s gotten to where he’s gobbled it up. On our 3rd bag now. He’s not had any adverse effects. Actually, never had any problems with any of his food, but as he gets older, I want to be sure he gets quality nutrition and that other food was just seemed to be not as consistent in quality.

  32. (verified owner)

    My dog is allergic to tons and tons of products. This works wonders for her and both my dogs love it. Love the simple ingredients. I know it’s not the highest quality but it’s what works for her so that’s what we buy. Definitely give it a try for dogs with allergies. The simpler the better I have found. We used to buy her expensive skin food and guess what she was allergic to 75% of those ingredients. She also used to get an upset stomach every now and then, or diarrhea and we have yet to have any issue since! Maybe it was related to her food allergies maybe not, but I highly recommend!

  33. (verified owner)

    My dog is allergic to corn, barley, Green beans, and potatoes. Finding dog food without those ingredients is hard. She was on a different more expensive food that made her smell fishy and that brand only recipe that didn’t have any of the ingredients she’s allergic to was their fish flavored. So I went looking for another option. I was skeptical because of the celebrity name and cheaper price but she is on her second hag and doing great!

  34. (verified owner)

    I love this product. My wife and I adopted a 9 year old pit bull. He was on some other dry food for a while and started developing anal gland issues and having allergic reactions (constant scratching) to what we believed to be from environmental allergies. Countless trips to the vet for infected anal glands that needed to be expressed and put on medication. We tried the prescription food that was $90 for a 28lb bag. Still had issues. On a whim, I decided to try this. After about a month, our pit was having less anal gland issues, almost no scratching, his coat was softer and healthy, and his BM’s were back to normal. The vet was surprised to see how well he looked at his following visit after telling him we switched food. I highly recommend this product to dogs with sensitive skin, allergies, and butt problems. Give it 4-6 weeks to take effect and you will be happy you tried this!

  35. (verified owner)

    Decided to try this for our dog. He’s not a picky eater and not picky with new food whenever we get him new ones but he was afraid to try this after we put some in his bowl. He stepped back from his bowl and hesitated to eat it. He wouldn’t finish his food from the very first day until the day we mixed it together with Taste of the Wild. On the last day he ate all the kibbles from the new brand and left this one in his bowl. Must be something in it that he didn’t like :/

  36. (verified owner)

    We were a lifetime Iams family for all three of our little ones (2 chihuahuas, 1 jack russell), who are now seniors. In the last and a half or so, they changed their product. They seemed to rebrand and also change ingredients. My dogs skin paid for it big time. Constant itching for MONTHS. Kept thinking they had fleas – used several kinds of prescription meds, including giving them chew-able flea meds. Tons of baths. Tons of fish oil. Nothing was working. Finally switched to this brand about 3 or 4 bags ago…their skin is back to baby brand new. No more itching. No more sleepless nights. I can’t be more thankful for this product or for Amazon for providing it!

  37. (verified owner)

    My 3 year old Boston Terrier likes all kinds of food, he’s devoured every kind of kibble I’ve put in front of him. I don’t think there’s anything to do with the brand cause he loved Nutrish Peak but I like switching things up and giving him something new cause he doesn’t have any issues when I change his food. This particular food he won’t touch which makes me laugh cause he has never refused to eat anything besides raw carrots which he hates. First time for everything but now I’m stuck with 20lbs of unusable dog food. Oh well!

  38. (verified owner)

    Pack info:- 4 yr old male pit bull, about 50 lbs, very toned (maybe mixed with something else, got from rescue)- 8 yr old male yorkshire terrier, about 9 lbs, good weight for size (I think he’s more silky than yorkshire!)So when I got my pit as a pup, he was totally free of red, itchy skin (in arm pits, rib cage, chest, and abdomen areas) and paws. At first I thought it was a food allergy. Then I read up on the Internet (cuz everything is true, right?), and it seemed that for whatever reason, he seemed to have an imbalance of bacteria in his guts. One of the telltale signs was that he smelled like Frito corn chips. Anyways, he was like this for probably several months before I switched to limited ingredients kibbles. I tried many brands, but nothing really seemed to help. I also started to give him probiotics (human) to try to balance out the bacteria in his guts. Finally, I switched him to a raw diet. It contained a variety of vegetables, raw pork, and rice, with a mix of approx 25/50/25. I also gave a raw egg 3x a week. It took about 6 months, but I think he’s finally turned the corner. So at about the end of the 6 months, I switched him to Just 6 due to a home move, during which I couldn’t make his food. So far, he’s doing fine. I continue to give him probiotics (now 3x a week) and his skin is now quite good.Regarding his paws, he was an indoor dog, and there was a lot of dirt on my property, so I couldn’t let him just waltz back into the house after doing his business outside, so I would wash his paws each and every time that he went onto the dirt areas. I was careful to dry his paws, but apparently, it wasn’t enough. The moisture caused him to lick his paws frequently and often, and thus caused them to go red. The saliva just made things worse as it kept the paws moist. But now that he’s primarily outdoors, I don’t wash his paws anymore but just wipe w/ moist towel if I want to let him inside the house. His paws are looking good now. Turns out I was the culprit!Another thing is that I suspect there may have been something in the carpet of my previous house, but I’ll never know anymore. It was an old house, so it’s hard to say if there was some chemical in the carpet that he had a reaction to.So what does all this have to do with Just 6? I stand by the raw food diet to help clear up his skin problems, though my wife thinks otherwise. She thinks it was something about the house, but his skin had already started to clear up before we moved out of the house. So there’s that. Anyways, Just 6 is “Just OK”. With the raw diet, my boys were pooping a LOT less, which tells me their bodies were readily absorbing all the nutrients in the food. With Just 6, my pit poops THREE TIMES a day! I have yet to weigh him to see how he’s doing, but he seems to be doing OK so far. But it makes me wonder about the nutritional value of this product. But this also makes me suspect other kibbles, as I recall that he pooped a lot more with other kibbles as opposed to the raw diet. There’s a lot more moisture in the raw diet, so that may have had something to do with it as well. Also, Just 6 is a little on the large side. It’s not so good for my little terrier. These kibbles are about 0.4~0.5 inch in diameter. If you have a small dog like my other one, Just 6 is just too big. He has to work to eat these kibbles, which may be a good thing if your dog inhales kibbles, but to me, the effort seems a bit excessive.

  39. (verified owner)

    The first bag of this food my 10 pound malti-poo devoured. However, this 2nd bag we received is not the same product. He doesn’t like it and either refuses to eat or will only eat 1/2 of the serving. The last 2 weeks I have mixed in with a Wellness brand food to encourage him to at least eat some of the 28# bag I bought. He will only eat the meals that contain 10% or less of Nutrish. I’d like my money back considering the inferior quality of the product and the remaining food weighs 25#.

  40. (verified owner)

    My dogs have allergies and severe skin sensitivities. I was buying vet prescribed dog food but it got so expensive and didn’t really help. I researched lots of dog foods and this was the clear winner for my dogs and the price point is excellent. My blue heeler was suffering pretty bad and he was losing his hair in spots all over his body and constantly licking his paws when I decided to switch dog food After almost two months of feeding him this food (no table food or treats of any kind) I have to say I am very impressed with how well he has responded to this food. The constant licking has gotten so much better and his coat is full and shiny again! Definitely recommend!

  41. (verified owner)

    I went through SOOO many premium and PRICEY food options (except a RAW diet, which was my last resort) in an effort to find a food that might help my bulldog’s itchy and sore-prone skin. This food stopped all skin problems! Thanks, Rachael Ray!

  42. (verified owner)

    I transitioned my dogs over gradually by adding some of this to the food they were all ready eating for about 3-4 days then started feeding thiscto them daily. At first it was ok now my dogs are so sick all three of them. I have three different breeds and all of them are I’ll with Diarrhea diarrhea and have lost weight very upsetting switching back to nature’s recounts cheaper and my dogs did great on it. I only switch to check on a dogs allergy since this was limited ingredients but I’m switching back this dog food is awful

  43. (verified owner)

    We have a golden retriever which we adopted, and her allergies have gotten worse quickly all of a sudden. So eliminating things from her diet was the first step, I fed her raw for a week, then we bought bag after bag of dog food trying to find one that wouldn’t cause her to itch so badly, one with healthy fish ingredients, one with lamb etc. She was miserable, and had gotten a hot spot that needed a vet and a cone, and I thought she was miserable before! I fed her raw again, then tried a small bag of grain free from a local pet store. It worked so when it was time to refill I found this one and gave it a try. She’s been on this dog food – Rachel Ray, just 6 natural dry dog food Lamb meal and rice for about a month now and she loves it. I don’t have to put olive oil or an egg on it to get her to eat it, she wolfs it down! Her hot spots have healed up and the itching has gotten alot better which also means the amount of dog hair accumulating in my home has also greatly reduced. We are so thankful to have found what seems to be a good priced food that she can eat. She’s finally able to rest and has gone back to tracking down and eating our chapsticks.

  44. (verified owner)

    Our fur baby is a 2 year old blue nose pitbull named Taylor. We’ve had her since she was 8 weeks old. She was first eating Diamond dog food. After researching, we changed her food to taste of the wild. With both foods she broke out with extreme hives and had a very pink underside. She has allergies which is another challenge. After more research, I found myself curious about Just 6. We bought a small bag as an introduction, and she loved it! We changed her food and instantly seen changes in her skin and coat. Her coat is soft and shiny with no hives. If you are struggling with your doggy’s diet, I highly recommend you give just 6 a try. The only downside is I have to coordinate the delivery so someone is home but it’s worth the minor inconvenience.

  45. (verified owner)

    Had to switch from Wellness lamb and barley as Just 6 was a less expensive option. It doesn’t have probiotics or glucosamine so is not a good long term choice. Less ingredients is a better choice (less filler) when the dog food is not higher quality. The dog is hungrier and poop is not as formed and I need more bags to pick it up so it is not as digestable. It seems to be OK but will go back to Wellness, Canidae, or Merrick.

  46. (verified owner)

    I used Purina Pro Plan prior to using this product. My South African Boerboel has many skin sensitivities and food allergies. I decided to try this food to narrow down the ingredients to see if it would cut down on his itching and paw licking. He’s been on Just 6 for over 6 months now. He still is licking his paws, but the overall scratching has reduced significantly. I’m about to change him to the Zero Grain formula to see if that makes a greater difference. My only complaint is the price point between the Pro Plan versus the Just 6. I’m paying more for less food, but my dog is improving, so I guess that’s the trade off.

  47. (verified owner)

    For our new puppy, I purchased 2 bags from Amazon last December and 2 bags from an online pet store (there were sales). The kibble was about nickle-sized and a dark brown. And it smelled like dog food. I ran out in April and bought 1 bag from Amazon (with Amazon as the seller, not some 3rd party). The kibble was tiny, tan and smelled like corn pops. We figured they changed the look / size, but it was the same product. Our dog ate it just fine (she eats everything just fine…), but she did have the squirts for a few days (however at this time she was going to doggy daycare and was having more treats than normal, so we assumed it was that. Again it’s time to order so we ordered from the online pet store and the kibble was back to that larger, dark brown color we originally had. I’m not sure what they’re selling here on Amazon, but I would NOT buy it!

  48. (verified owner)

    I previously bought a different limited ingredient dog food but that company had quality and contamination issues and was hard to find. I can get this at supermarket or by mail order so more since and I’m confident about quality I joked that it must contain doggie crack as my dog LOVES this more than any other dry food He wags his tail and licks his chops in anticipation when running back into the house each morning for his first meal of the day. Had not tired of it in 5 years

  49. (verified owner)

    The outside of the Amazon box looked OK, but inside, the box, packing material, and the bag of dog food had stains like moisture damage. It actually looked like someone spilled coffee or another dark liquid all over it. I will not feed this to my dog. Amazon is replacing at no charge to me, so I’m giving 5 stars. My dog likes the food OK. She doesn’t love it, but we have limited options for affordable, healthy gluten free dog food. We have a gluten free household due to celiac disease, so I don’t allow gluten in my home. Even the pets are gluten free. I add a bit of grain free canned food to my dogs meals to make them a little more interesting for her.

  50. (verified owner)

    I don’t usually leave reviews but I felt this one was important. I have had 2 American Staffordshires which are amazing dogs but are prone to skin issues. My first one I battled her allergies until she passed at 14 years old. I tried everything I could think of from several trips to the vet, constant baths, making her food by hand, homeopathic suggestions, supplements, medications you name it I tried it. I was never able to keep her hot spot free. When my now 3 year old amstaff started developing allergies I cried. It’s not just a burden and smelly but can be so painful to our four legged children. I came across this food and thought I’d give it a try. I’m on my 3rd bag and since about 3 weeks in she has all her hair back and isn’t constantly scratching anymore. I ran out after the 2nd bag for a few days and fed her something else and hot spots and oily skin started to return. After replenishing this food about a week later her hot spots disappeared again. I have also been giving her omega 3 supplements but I think the true cure has been this food. Thank you Rachel Ray for saving our sanity!!! At first thought I believed this brand was just a gimmick but I am a true believer now and forever grateful.

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