Treat Tote (2 Cup)

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  • TREAT-TRAINING TOOL: Clip-on dog treat pouch allows pet parents to quickly reward good behavior on the spot by attaching to belt or pocket
  • EASY-OPEN POUCH: Drawstring closure is easy to open with one hand for quick access to dog treats
  • TREAT STORAGE: Holds 2 cups of dogs' favorite treats and seals via drawstring closure to ensure freshness
  • HEAVY-DUTY MATERIAL: Durable pack-cloth dog treat bag is water-resistant to keep treats dry and reinforced with a rip-stop liner for lasting quality
  • HOLDS MORE THAN TREATS: Clip-on dog training pouch is ideal for stowing small toys or waste bags in addition to small training treats
  • DISTRACTION-FREE TRAINING: Clip-on treat tote is small and discreet to keep dogs focused on playtime or training
  • AVAILABLE IN VARIOUS SIZES: Treat bag comes in two sizes, allowing pet parents to choose a size that best suits their pets' needs

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Treat Tote (2 Cup)

From the manufacturer

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Product Features

1. Clips onto belt loops or pockets for easy access to treats

2. Pack-cloth nylon with rip-stop lining for durable, extended use

3. Nylon drawstring closure allows for convenient removal of treats with one hand

4. Portable pouches hold one or two cups of treats based on size

Reward dogs’ tricks with their favorite treats

Take dog training on the go with the portable and convenient Chuckit! Treat Tote

  • Chuckit! Treat Tote is a small pouch designed to carry a handful of your dog’s favorite treats

  • Clips onto pockets or belt loops to keep treats within easy reach

  • Drawstring closure allows quick access to pouch with one hand, freeing the other for training signals and commands

  • Durable pack cloth and rip-stop liner is rugged for extended use and ensures lasting quality

  • Versatile pouch allows pet parents to bring along small dog toys or balls

  • Small treat tote holds 1 cup or 0.25 liters, while the large treat tote holds 2 cups or 0.5 liters

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Training On The Go

Ideal for training puppies or teaching dog tricks, this clip-on treat tote makes it easy to reward good behavior during walks or at the park

One-Hand Retrieval

The treat carrier’s drawstring closure is easy to open with one hand, leaving the other hand free for training signals

Easy Treat Storage

This dog treat holder keeps up to 2 cups of treats within reach and closes tightly to keep treats fresh when not in use

Durable For Daily Use

Featuring pack-cloth nylon with rip-stop liner, the treat carrier is rugged for daily use and resists moisture to keep treats protected from splashing or slobber

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Product Features

Holds five cups of water, ideal for traveling

Made of durable materials and dishwasher safe

Unique construction produces a distinct noise

Extends 31 inches, retractable design, attached belt clip

Ample loop handle and heavy duty metal hardware

Recommended Use

Completely waterproof, ideal for travel and will last for years

Easily pack food and water bowls for your pet without taking up a lot of space

Helps break unwanted behavior such as jumping on people or barking

Teach your dog to stop pulling on the leash with 100% force-free training

Train lead that’s recommended by professionals and built to last

Sizes Available

Holds 5 Cups

Small (1.5 Cup) Medium (3 Cup)

One Size

One Size

Small (5/8″x15′) Medium (5/8″x20′) Large (5/8″x30′)

Product description

Size:2 Cup

Reward good behavior on the spot with the Chuckit! Treat Tote. An ideal accessory for puppy or dog training, this clip-on treat pouch attaches easily to belt loops or pockets for training on-the-go. Featuring a drawstring closure, pet parents can easily grab treats with one hand while the other hand remains free to signal dog commands. The dog treat pouch for training holds up to 2 cups of treats and closes tightly so treats stay fresh, keeping treats in one place for daily use. Made with heavy duty pack-cloth and a rip-stop liner, the treat tote is able to withstand frequent, long-term use. The pouch fabric is also moisture resistant to protect treats from splashing or slobber. This dog treat training pouch can be discreetly tucked away for distraction-free training or filled to the top with small toys, waste bags, and more. Available in two sizes and assorted colors, pet parents can choose a treat tote that best suits their pets’ needs.


2 Cup, 2 Cup, 2 Pack

  1. (verified owner)

    2 Cup size: Bag is too deep and narrow for my hands. I’d have to fill it to the top to easily get at the treats. Now, I have to dig down and my hands get stuck trying to come out. It probably works fine for smaller hands.

  2. (verified owner)

    I ended up with the Blue color, which I was very happy about. The quality of this holder is great and fits more than enough treats. (I ordered the larger size). the tie is well built and keeps everything neatly inside, I also keep my dogs training clicker inside the pouch with the treats.

  3. (verified owner)

    So far this seems great. We are using it for training class. Holds plenty of treats to get us through 1 or even 2 classes for my 65+lb lab mix. Seem well made and the treats dont fall out.

  4. (verified owner)

    Great product.

  5. (verified owner)

    Absolutely love these bags, so much so that any time one dies or I adopt a new dog I buy a new one! They clip on so easily, hold the perfect amount of treats for training out and about, and the closure is fairly secure! One star off because after just a month of use the string on my first one started to wrinkle, then split up, and I had to start cutting off the random strings that would hang off. Otherwise I love these! Really wish I could choose the color, though.

  6. (verified owner)

    I really like this treat holder. I especially like the clip. You can just clip it on to your pants and go. I use it on walks, in training class, etc. I got the two cup size. I doubt I would have been able to get my hand into the one cup size

  7. (verified owner)

    Product is very good and fast delivery can’t take anything away from that. Quality of material is strong and holds lots of treats. The clip is good and it also has a belt loop. The only thing that annoyed me was I specifically asked for a black one and they still sent me a red one.

  8. (verified owner)

    Great bag for dog training treats.

  9. (verified owner)

    6 bucks for the same as 17 bucks at any pet stores

  10. (verified owner)

    Love that this treat bag clips securely onto my pockets or waist band, and can easily grab treats during training sessions with my puppy. Love that I can close the bag with one hand.

  11. (verified owner)

    Love this pouch. Easy to get treats in and out but I should’ve got a bigger size for my labradoodle lol! At first he kept trying to tug at it but if I keep it closed he’s good

  12. (verified owner)

    Sturdy and works the way it’s supposed to. Thinking of getting another one.

  13. (verified owner)

    The only way to handle treats, no mess in the pockets. Easy to clip on and east to access. I just wish they would make one a bit larger. I have large hands and even the 2 cup bag is a bit tight to get my hand into.

  14. (verified owner)

    It’s good! The belt strap/buckle thing is awkward. Treats will dry out within the day, so only put in what you think you’ll use quickly.

  15. (verified owner)

    Works great but drags down my pants! Wish there were a way to wear around my neck. Keeps treats fresh and puppy can’t steal any when it is closed.

  16. (verified owner)

    Well designed, easy one hand use, holds plenty of treats

  17. (verified owner)

    I am 5’1″ and I like this treat bag. It’s easy to clip onto my pants or belt when I’m walking our dog and my hand easily fits inside of it to quickly grab treats. The clip isn’t the sturdiest but given the duration that I use it each day, I don’t see that being an issue. The fabric is easy to wipe down with a wet cloth to clean it.My husband and I ordered two – I got blue, he got black. I can reach inside easily even if I’m wearing gloves on cooler days, but my husband’s hand barely fits in here. So if you’re a man or if you’re a lady with big hands this might not work for you.

  18. (verified owner)

    As one would expect, I bought this to assist with my new dog training. I have a different treat bag that came with another leash, and that bag was far too deep and unwieldy (no clip, only loop to string through a belt). I bought this product as an alternative.Pros: It does the job. I keep this clipped to my pants / shorts / leggings and have run with my dog, crouched, etc, with no issues. I like that I can close it and it’s basically the perfect size to fit my treats and allow my hand to easily get in and out of the bag without issue. The belt clip is long enough that, if I were to jerk my hand out, the bag doesn’t go flying off my belt/pants.Cons: The bag string came slightly frayed and the way it closes can seem a bit weird, but hasn’t caused me any issues.The bag doesn’t have any fresh-protection for the treats, so I usually put the treats in a plastic bag that I then keep in this bag, and that seems to keep them more moist and the bag from getting grimy inside.

  19. (verified owner)

    I use this everyday to help with training my Golden Retriever puppy. It’s the perfect size, easy to bring along, and the clip is perfect to hang on your clothes for handsfree training.

  20. (verified owner)

    Easy to access and close, clips easily to pants, belt, jacket – a nice basic no frills treat holder. The rope closure can fray though

  21. (verified owner)

    Love it! So far so good. It fits a lot of snacks and I even put an extra roll of poop bags. The clip is wide enough to clip onto belt also.

  22. (verified owner)

    I bought two of these great value

  23. (verified owner)

    Great product for training your dogs. Clip works great and I love how the top can be closed with the draw string. Would def recommend

  24. (verified owner)

    Couldn’t find this anywhere I need tone to train my German Shepherd I went to every pet store everyone was out but amazon had it got next day works great easy to grab treats

  25. (verified owner)

    Makes going out with my dogs very convenient. I keep treats and bags inside, so I can grab and go after leashing up my dogs and know I have what I need. The clip is sturdy and stays on my waist band, and I’ve occasionally carried it as well when I’m wearing a dress and have nothing to clip it to. The larger size can fit a large tennis ball too!

  26. (verified owner)

    I wanted a treat bag that was dedicated to that function. I wanted to be able to easily reach treats when training my dog. This bag does this. It easily fits on my waist and has an adjustable closure so treats don’t fall out when I bend over. This bag fits all my training needs. This is a single function bag.

  27. (verified owner)

    Love the idea of this! Haven’t had ton of issues with it either. It latches onto my leash well. It really is just a chalk bag repurposed for treats. It’s small and easy to carry so that’s all I care about.

  28. (verified owner)

    These pouches are great to use for training or to take little treats out during walks. The material is durable and can be cleaned.

  29. (verified owner)

    Have not had to clean as yet. The bag is very handy for training.

  30. (verified owner)

    Works as described, easy to fill.

  31. (verified owner)

    This not a good product. Their small pouch is wonderful but I couldn’t find another online. Closure isn’t secure drawstring is nonfunctional. Try to decide whether to send it back or just write it up as a loss.

  32. (verified owner)

    I thought this was a red one. I received a black one. Which is fine… I just wanted red… It still functions exactly as needed.

  33. (verified owner)

    I really like this product to carry my dog’s treats. It has a sturdy clip to clip on a belt or whatever (I clip it to my purse usually) and a strong drawstring to close it. I haven’t tried cleaning it yet but it looks like it would be easy to flip inside out and wipe off.

  34. (verified owner)

    Good product

  35. (verified owner)

    Easy access to treats during training exercises.

  36. (verified owner)

    I got this one on the recommendation of my daughter in law who is a puppy trainer for Guiding Eyes, who train puppies to go into the Seeing Eyes program. It’s much easier to use than the one that clamps shut; it easier to get your hand into. It cleans well and is easy to put on your clothing also.

  37. (verified owner)

    Used this to carry treats for dog training, made it through from beginners to advanced with no issues! I would absolutely recommend!

  38. (verified owner)

    Works great to hold treats to train my Doberman

  39. (verified owner)

    This product works great. It is durable and easy to clean. The one downside is that the clip that hooks it to you is a little scratchy, which can be uncomfortable when walking a longer distance.

  40. (verified owner)

    This is a great product for the money. Holds plenty of goodies for a training session and is built well. I bought 2 and have been using them for a few months now without any issues.I don’t see how the people in other reviews and breaking the string unless they are not fully pressing the release button on the string lock. Mine aren’t frayed in the least and look brand new.

  41. (verified owner)

    Works well for holding treats for dog obedience training.

  42. (verified owner)

    To small for what i needed bought a different one.

  43. (verified owner)

    We purchases a couple of these to keep on us for our agility classes. They stay securely hooked on all pants – leggings, athletic shorts, jeans, etc. I love how easy they are to clean and how many treats I can fit inside! The drawstring is tight and there have been no spills while running with it on!

  44. (verified owner)

    I bought this to use at my dog training class. I like that I don’t have to wear a belt all the way around my waist and I can just hook it to my waist band. It’s a good size and the drawstring helps keep the treats fresh. It’s also affordable . I would not get a smaller size though because I think it would be too small to get your hand in.

  45. (verified owner)

    Very nice and exactly what I was looking for. Easy to maintain clean and made to last. You could hang it from the strap of your purse as well.

  46. (verified owner)

    Perfect for training

  47. (verified owner)

    Tough and well made.

  48. (verified owner)

    Love to have this on our walks or teaching him new tricks. My pockets don’t get so crumbly & I don’t accidentally wash treats. When he sees us put it on he gets pretty happy! Good things are coming!

  49. (verified owner)

    When I walk my lab puppy, I always wear a fanny pack to carry my cell, hand sanitizer, extra roll of poo bags, and a grocery sack to carry the bagged poo. This treat bag fits on the strap of my pack perfectly! I’m happy I don’t have to carry the training treats in a pocket anymore. The closure is tight-fitting, but I keep it open just enough to fit my hand in to grab some treats. It doesn’t tip or flip over, so no worries of spilling treats, and it’s the perfect size…not too big, not too small! It’s sturdy canvas (canvas-like?) material. I would buy again!

  50. (verified owner)

    Nice bag, easy access, holds firm.

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